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z cards
Think of a business card and think bigger and better. This is what a model's Z - card is. It's a calling card - or a composite card as it can be known too. It's two sided with a mix of photographs and information. It will be a quick model's guide to hand out in their portfolio to potential clients. If you're a freelance model then these are a must. They sell your face and your looks, they depict your style and they enhance your portfolio.

To promote yourself is always hard to do it you're not that way inclined and a Z - card does it all for you if you've got one professionally designed. It must catch the client's eye and it must look like you're a pro. It's about A5 in size but it must show you at your best. It should your vital stats, your height and weight, three sizes for women, your bust t, waist and hips. For men it should be your suit or chest size and your waist. It should show your shoe size, your eye and hair colour. It should have your contact details and your nationality too.

Don't cram too many pictures on and only use your best. A good head shot should be the biggest and a pose or two would be good too. Show your versatility and have a crib at others already made. It should be a piece of art to show off and be proud to push forward to sell yourself.

There are different ways to get a Z - card made and have a look at our categories to see what's right for you. We have Traditional Z - cards and Electronic Z  - cards too, Bespoke Z - Cards will add a touch of class and the way to go for most. It's hard to choose at first but have a browse through our Z - cards and you'll find the right way to go for you.

Z-cards (also known as Zed cards) are essential for any model; they are a combination of calling card and business card combined into one unique package. Professionally designed and expertly crafted Z-cards will help you land top jobs and beat off competition, these seemingly insignificant items can make a huge difference when it comes to promoting yourself.

Z-cards must be designed in such a way to catch the eye immediately and they should be updated regularly so they reflect your current look. Think of them as putting together a compressed, condensed CV of sorts; you have to include only relevant information such as current photographs, your name, vital statistics and your contact information (or the information of your agency) and it has to be displayed and ordered in a way that immediately grabs the attention of the reader and draws the eye to your photographs.

Fortunately there are a number of professional firms and companies who will produce Z-cards on your behalf, some will produce generic Z-cards for you if you send in your details and photographs, however the better companies will offer a bespoke design service that will set you back more but is worth every penny in our opinion.

When picking photographs for your Z-cards we recommend a good, clear head shot should always be included along with a full length body shot, and no more than 6 pictures over the entire item. If possible you should always invest in the electronic Z-cards option as well, allowing you to upload your Z-cards to the internet and generate potential jobs via the world wide web.

  • Try to include a varied selection of photographs on your Z-cards to allow potential employers to see how well you can work with the camera.
  • Always include a head shot and full length body shot when possible on your Z-cards.
  • Do not try to cram too many pictures onto your card, doing so will ruin the first impression the card presents.
  • Always purchase electronic Z-cards as well where possible. Promoting yourself via the internet can greatly raise your exposure.
  • Keep any text on your card short and snappy; be as relevant and to the point as possible.