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What To Wear For A Casting Call


what to wear for a casting callIt's quite hard knowing really what to wear for a casting call. If the modelling job is an open call, then you could really do with standing out from the crowd as there will be hundreds, possibly thousands of you attending. You do have to get the balance right though, because if you are two wacky or funky then this can sometimes work the opposite way. If every model wore exactly the same clothing then think how boring it would be for the people doing the casting sessions. It's important to be yourself, but you also need to think right from the beginning, that you have to stand out as much as you can, and give yourself the best opportunity to be picked on your looks.

Natural is usually best and if you are going to wear make up, then keep it very light and very minimal. Enhance your beauty by all means but don't overshadow it. The casting directors need to see the condition of your skin and the natural shape of your face and condition of your hair. So sometimes it's good just to wear a loose ponytail for female models, if you're hair is long enough to show off your bone structure, but also to show the glossiness of your hair as well. Always avoid false eyelashes and neon lipsticks - be as natural as you can and never, ever cake on the make up.

As far as model clothing is concerned, then choose something that fits your body well, in colours that accent your skin and your eyes. Try to avoid patterns and pick the colours that look the best on you. Make sure you don't look washed out or jaundiced! Try and wear something that is tight fitting, such as a plain white T-shirt for example, but not so tight you are straining to burst out of it and match it with either a pair of jeans or a simple denim skirt. You need to show off the contours of your body and the quality and length of your legs if possible.

Wear high heels as this will show you can walk in them. If you cannot walk in high heels, then turn around and go back home. You need to master the art or you will never get anywhere in the modelling industry. It is so important to be able to walk sexily and jauntily in high heels. The casting directors will probably want to see you walk and you can't do it properly in flats. Never, ever go in flip-flops or pumps or unless you wear them while you are waiting, but are going to change into high heels for your opportunity.

The last thing we need to advise you on is to have bright teeth. Even use a five-minute whitening kit if you need to, to give your teeth a last-minute boost, because your smile and all the confidence you can provide will show and make a lasting impression. We wish you the best of luck.