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What Clients Ask For


Our clients ask for all sorts of things but we'll give you a hint and you can see the diverse range of questions that we have to consider every day. Questions come from all sorts of departments in the modelling world. It could be for a particular size of model - a plus size job say or a teen model wanted. It could be for a week job at the top of the country or a class of child models to last just a day. Have a look at the casting calls and open calls which we use every day. These will give you a good insight into the diverse and different types of modelling and a huge range of jobs available for models of all ages, nationalities, shapes and sizes.

Sometimes clients simply ask for a specific age range, or a colour of person like mixed race. It could be hint for a male or female to promote a new marketing campaign, a certain look may be needed, a specific style. Perhaps a male model is needed to promote a west end show, or a model to front an ad with someone else doing a voice over your looks. Sometimes a model needs to have experience and sometimes they can be just starting out on their modelling career, sometimes it doesn't matter at all which stage of your profession you are at. Never think you are underqualified because if you have got a modelling portfolio and client likes you then you have got your foot in the door.

Sometimes hair colour plays a major part or a certain eye colour, long nails or shapely feet wanted. if you are prepared to have your haircut, coloured or changed in any way to be able to fit the brief, then contact your model agent and tell them so. To be a model is to be a chamaeleon  and changing your style could get you more work, think about that. It could be a photo shoot in your undies to promote lingerie in the winter time - maybe standing long hours in an exhibition hall or tradeshow may be required. You need to be adaptable and you need to be able to change to fit the modelling brief, as long as you don't do something to drastic and can change back if you need to.

The jobs are endless and range from the weird and wonderful and the sublime to the ridiculous! All shapes and sizes, ages and accents are wanted up and down the country and we aim to promote as many different models as we can to fit the bill. Keep an eye on our modelling jobs and see what our clients ask for. Something will fit the bill for you we're sure and suit you down to the ground or enable you to change your style for the day and get the modelling job