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Watford Model Agencies

Watford is home to a very famous football club co-owned by Sir Elton John, which gets a lot of paparazzi and is a great place to get papped if you can. As a model it is so important to get your face recognised and known, especially in and around your home town if possible. With it only being 18 miles from London, it is a fantastic place to stay and find a budget hotel if you need one. The heart of this wonderful town offers much more than superb shopping, although with the 153 clothes shops catering for pockets of all depths from selling designer outfits to high street budget where, this is a good distraction, and so are the 149 dedicated shoe shops and over 155 accessories shops in Watford itself. If you're just starting out on your modelling career, consider going there for a time and stocking up on your model clothing or if you can get into London to do some shopping then even better. Watford model agencies

There are 120,960 people living in Watford, of which several are models, we're sure. There are 14  model agencies to choose although in London there are umpteen more, who will all bend over backwards to find you work and a staggering 91 photographers with nearly all of them offering fashion or portrait photography as part of their service, ideal for your modelling needs. If you need some modelling portfolio help then these are the people to go and see because they can offer their own individual creativity and put a stamp on your style. Try to get your foot in the door and offer your services free of charge, and let them use your profile to sell their own work and to sell your face as well. It should lead to paid work down the line. Show off your own versatility as a model and find photographers who deal in black-and-white such as BJP Photography in Letchworth Gardens, who specialise in drive in studio catalogue work.  And with so many other types of modelling available nowadays it would be great if you could show that you are available for all types with different photos depicting our own styles.

If you are staying in Waford, there are over 150 hotels to choose from, some providing luxury such as the White House Hotel Upton Rd to the more basic Best Western, which is located in the village of Hemel Hempstead just a short drive away.  Take time to explore the outdoors and catch up on your model exercise program never let modelling interfere with your strict diet a model exercise routine.