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Urban Decay 131

Urban Decay 131
It's pretty. Maybe a little twisted. But never prissy. Makeup for your eyes, lips, nails, hair, and skin. It's always beautiful but sometimes unusual. It's makeup for individuals, not for those who want to blend in. Have fun, experiment, toy with a look that borders on dangerous. Shimmer, glitter, sparkle, sheen...use it all and change your face to match your mood. Go from a pixie to a vixen, from a rock star to a starlet. Be who you want to be today, just don't be average.

Urban Decay is beauty with an edge. It is feminine, dangerous, and fun...appealing to celebrities, rock stars and anyone who relishes her individuality and dares to express it.

Being a great cosmetics company doesn't stop at having the right colors or the most creative packaging. To keep loyal Urban Decay customers coming back, each product must be of the highest quality, and worth every single penny. Hours of overtime are spent in the labs to make sure that the ingredients selected yield the most benefits for the dedicated fans of Urban Decay.

Lots of people love Urban Decay, but not everyone knows what makes the products so fabulous...sure, a little Eyeshadow goes a long way - and it never, ever creases - but most people are unaware that it's because they’re jam-packed with pure pigment instead of binders, resulting in maximum color and ultimate texture. The Good Karma Cruelty-Free Brushes are SUPER soft, but who would know that the product development team searched high and low for the perfect synthetic fiber? As a result, our shadows apply effortlessly, and no little animals are hurt (We DON'T do animal testing. How could anyone?).

And for those customers especially concerned with our products’ ingredients (sometimes they are vegan, some have sensitive skin, and some are just curious), we list each products’ ingredients on our website, From tasty Lip Gunks to micro-milled Surreal Skin, from deluxe, creamy XXX Slick to the microsparkles in the Nail Enamel, our cosmetics are the best around. Urban Decay customers constantly grill us about the formulas on ALL our products, and we love to answer every question, because we know our makeup is amazing!