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Ugly Modelling

ugly modelling

To be different means you are special and that's a niche market in itself in the modelling industry.  If don't look like the average model,aren't particularly blessed in the looks department, then ugly modelling could be just right for you. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are ugly - honestly it doesn't! It means you may have a distinguishing feature that sets you apart from the rest- that makes you stand out from the crowd. It could be you have lots of piercing or tattoos. Perhaps you're a dwarf or have lots of facial hair. It's a bit like character work, because that's just what you are - an individual with lots of character.

It just means you are proud to be who you are and so are we. Don't change to fit the norm because you certainly aren't that - and that's why we love you. That's why model agencies need you. There are modelling jobs out there and an ugly model agency can find them for you. It could mean you're the star of a music video or a TV commercial maybe? If you have some character and don't like to hide your light under a bushel then ugly modelling is the way to go. A lot of the time real looking people are required for lots of different modelling jobs, perhaps with a beer belly, a bald head or larger than life? If you think you have got something that little bit different but you still have charm and charisma, are able to take direction and do as you're told, then ugly modelling maybe something you could getting to and do well in.

Not to be the stereotypical is what ugly models are all about - you don't need to have the usual constraints a regular model has. You don't need to be a certain weight or height- you don't have to be classically beautiful either. There really are so many types of modelling nowadays that there will be a slot for you to fill. Never forget you are probably not cut out for the catwalk and fashion modelling role as this is a very strict and competitive market and to be honest, you probably won't stand a chance. as long as you realise your expectations and know what you can and can't do, if you have got and thick skin and don't mind being prodded and poked and models to do this or that, then this genre of modelling could be right up your alley

You can be who you are and celebrate the way you look with an agency with character. If you're really confident in your own skin and don't mind  being part of the ugly model brigade then have a serious think about the way you want your career to go. At UK Model agencies, we recognise the trends and more and more companies are getting more daring and don't necessarily want the 'norm' any more than you do.  Use your unique style and personality and you may find you're in demand. why not have a serious think about it and do something part town for starters, until you decide it's something you want to and an industry that you feel at home in.