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TV Work For Models


TV Modelling

To be a successful model it's not just about strutting about and wearing someone's clothes - you know it and we know it. If you're giving it your all and working your booty off, then you and we both know it's a lot more hard work than that. As a model you need to become a character and perform on stage. So think about what you're actually doing - you're being someone else - you're acting right?

 To be a star and to be remembered in a totally brilliant way, a model has to create a persona and act their socks off on the catwalk or in front of a camera. Well - YOU are already doing it - everyday! You're an actor or an actress already - has the penny dropped? Then fantastic -  why not multi task and get paid to do work you're already doing? It may not be on the catwalk or runway you're used to - it may not be the same thing your friends and fellow models are doing. But you're ambitious - if you're not then why are you still reading - now see what we mean? 

You've obviously got 'it' - you've got the little extra spark of enthusiasm and ambition that drives you and makes you want more.  So consider Model TV Work.

This could not only mean having an alternative career and getting a part in a commercial or as an extra on a sitcom or soap opera. You could have a future that can follow on from the modelling, add another string to your bow. It would be an added bonus for your CV, something to set you apart from the rest. You could do it in between jobs, or even after your modelling career is ending.

But if that's too scary and you don't want to take the plunge consider being a model on the shopping channels. The TV model can be whoever he or she wants to be - wherever they want to go. It's another thought, another direction. TV model work - ask yourself if it's right for you.