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Truro Photographers

Truro photographers live and work in a stunning part of the country - in Cornwall. Truro has 86 photographers in all. Close by is Redruth, Perranporth, St Agnes and Falmouth, so there will be plenty more to find too. It is the centre for Administration, leisure and retail and is the only actual city in the County of Cornwall. It is actually the most southern city in the whole of Great Britain.

 The people from Truro, are known as Trurorian and it was a city used, long ago, as an important centre of trade from it port. The rivers Kenwyn and Allen combine to become the Truro River - a series of creeks and drowned valleys which lead to the River Fall.  The city is very well known for its stunning Cathedral, its cobbled streets and open spaces. With its Georgian architecture and places of interest,Truro photographers have a lot to capture on camera.