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Travel Tips For Models

Travel Tips For Models

A Model will have to travel – it's a sure fact and no fiction.It's what a lot of models join the industry for in the first place and it's what makes modelling so exciting and challenging for some There won't be the option of sitting at home and walking to your next job. You will have to get yourself from A to B and you need to be prepared to go to different destinations to get you to the top of the ladder. And it may not be modelling jobs simply within the British Isles either. A lot of the better modelling jobs are abroad and lots of money can be made for a model who is willing to travel and take on the best of the best. With UK Model Agencies our Tips we’ll show you how to journey in style!

Modelling means meeting new people and travelling to new countries. It means experiencing brand new cultures to achieve international recognition. There are some things you need to think about before you accept the job, so talk it through with your agent before you accept. How will you get there? Who pays for the travelling expenses and what paperwork will you need? You need to know what is included in the money you will receive and what you will have to provide for yourself.

You need to know the currency for the country, find out what you’re responsible for and what the Model Agency will provide to do their part. You may have to accept all travel expenses will be deducted from your earnings - be frugal but stay safe. By all means travel light but don't ever travel dangerously. Never hitchhike and never go alone - always make sure you have a friend or you are travelling with the production crew for example. Tell somebody where you are going, give contact details out to lots of people and check in regularly with home when ever you get the chance.

Never journey overseas without a working visa, on the simple promise of work. Check and re check credentials before you leave – especially if you’re Freelance Modelling. It's safer for your model agent to suss these things out for you as they should be experienced in all manner of travelling tips. Some countries will need of these are or a work permit,so check out all the rules and regulations before you leave.

Make sure you leave enough time, have an up to date passport, the correct visa for the correct country. Be organised and you'll travel to the ends of the world and back again and achieve your modelling goal along the way. Check you have enough currency,and that your money is safe at all times.

Carry with you up to date information, contact details, addresses for Immigration control. know the address and do some research before you leave so you know exactly where you have to go. With the wonders of the Internet, there is simply no is excuse to take off into the back and beyond without knowing who and what the job entails.

 Make sure you've had your jabs. Check with the doctor if you think you need to, especially if you have any allergies or medical problems which may be affected while you are away. Make sure you have enough medication to take with you if you have an ongoing illness or complaint. Check out travel insurance and medical insurance to make sure you are covered before you leave.

Be very careful what you eat and drink and always keep hydrated if you're in a hot environment.Never eat from street vendors and only in reputable establishments. Rest on the plane – it will be tough when you get there and you need to look and feel good. Travelling can be extremely tiring and this will show straightaway on your face. Always travel with someone you know and trust - try never to travel alone.

Follow our top travelling tips and use your common sense and you should have a ball! Join the jet set and enjoy your modelling by travelling safely.