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Top Fashion Models of the Past


The world of style has no shortage of superstars and there have been hundreds of influential fashion icons since the early 1920's.  With designers such as Christian Dior and Yves St Laurent paving the way for haute couture, models have been born and raised dramatising their creations. They have shaped the name of fashion and models have worn their clothes and made names for themselves along the way. Stylish and supremely gorgeous, both male and female, have become icons themselves and now earn more money in some cases than movie stars.

With the glamorous and gorgeous Victoria's Secret models making the headlines of today, from the supermodels of the 90s, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and such famous names, right back to the 60s where new eras of music took over style and all fashion sense, models have moulded the industry with their looks and own individuality. All sorts of shapes and sizes model have created different ranges of clothing, used as muses for inspiration, and in turn inspired the buyer to look and act like them. 

Photographic books ever immortalised their beauty and their individual style sets each model apart from the other and each model. We feature generations of model each with their own look and style, and individuality which is stamped in our hearts and minds forever. As the decades change so that the styles and models adapt themselves to fit into the clothes we all would crave, promoting designers with six-figure sums to buy their clothing, to the runways and the catwalks of high-street fashion which we can thankfully fit with our pockets. Top fashion models of the past are names engraved in history and we highlight the different eras of fashion in our top fashion models of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, 40 years of fashion and 40 years of famous faces.

With fashion changing at a rapid rate, models have had to do that too and keeping up with the latest ranges seems to be effortless for the professionals. They do it with ease and their style and poise and often headlining behaviour is what we all thrive on and want to emulate ourselves.This section is dedicated to all those models of the past right through the eras. Distinctive and dramatic, each and every individual model has stamped their mark forever in history.