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Think You Can Model?

think you can model

So you think you can model? Lots of people do and they make it to the big time and the world's their oyster. But then there are those who are sadly disappointed too. It's a cut throat world in the modelling industry and you have to develop a very thick skin from the outset or you'll be a disaster when the first knock backs occur. No one ever gets accepted at first - not even the most beautiful of models. Your looks can be in one minute and out the door the next. Your emotions will be up and down and your heart could break or soar like a bird depending on the day or the modelling job assigned. It takes a real tough cookie not to get upset when rejection is knocking on the door, but it is a fact of modelling life and you need to learn from the offset not to take it personally.

Modelling is a seriously hard profession to break into - especially if you have your heart set on catwalk and fashion modelling that's for sure. This is the genre of modelling, which still has very strict height and weight rules and if you don't live up to the stats then you may have to think again. But there are plenty of other types of modelling you could try your hand at so don't despair - try and try again and we think you will succeed if you have the tenacity to carry on and not be dejected or put off. If you think you can model and better still, have been told you can model then take a deep breath and go for it - full on - do!
Your looks may get you the gig from the outset but your reputation will precede you if you get a bad name for yourself - be warned. If you're a diva and you're remembered for the wrong reasons it can work against you. Don't ever get ahead of yourself and think you're the bee's knees when you've not even established yourself first. Good manners cost nothing and with the nastiness notorious in some modelling circles make a stand and don't be the sheep that follows the crowd. Be yourself and shine your light in a murky world that can turn good hearts bad sometimes.Personalities can sometimes make or break a model, and it's all about balancing what you say and what you do, with the actions of your posing behind the camera. They can be equally important and get you a bad rap if you screw up.

If you think you can model then be prepared for long days and sleepness nights. It's a glamorous world no doubt but you'll be the glossy surface. Dig deeper and be prepared for the worst - but enough of all the doom and gloom, we're just trying to prepare you for the down side. The best thing of being a model is the prestige, the allurement -  the magnetism and the attraction to others. Its the best feeling in the world and if you think you could be a model, then it makes sense you should go for it. If you have that confidence in the first place then now's the time to try it out - take the modelling world by storm, take a deep breath and put your best model foot forward. There has never been a better time