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The Photography Website



The Photography Website aims to provide the ultimate resource for information on photography ; from details of camera manufacturers and camera reviews to the Where to Shoot section, bursting with the best locations to try out your photographic equipment and skills. Their news feed ensures that you don’t miss out on all of the up to date developments in the world of photography. To make sure you don't miss out on all of the latest innovations they have SMS bulletins with all of the latest news straight to your mobile, as well as a newsletter that you can sign up for, telling you about our latest news, special offers and exclusive member only deals!

The Photography Website offers advice and resources to all levels of photography ; from the amateur making their first leap into the world of photography to the enthusiast looking to improve their skills and upgrade their equipment. The professional photographer is also catered for, with high end equipment both featured and reviewed on the website, along with a database of businesses that relate to the photography industry, including resources such as Model Agencies , Processing Labs and Photographic Retailers across the UK. They also have a comprehensive list of photographic insurance companies to protect your valuable photographic equipment.

Camera manufacturer information takes high priority on The Photography Website , helping you to choose your camera equipment with confidence. Manufacturers featured include Canon , Nikon , Olympus , Sony , Fuji , Samsung and many more. They have details of all of the latest equipment to be released by the camera manufacturers and aim to demonstrate a wide range of products to cater for the entire photography market, including amateur, enthusiast and professional. They also provide information on lense manufacturers, such as Pentax , Tamron , Sigma , Leica , and Konica Minolta , and cover substantial number of types of lenses suitable for all assignments and environments. A comprehensive list of retailers for all photographic equipment can be found in the Photographic Retailers pages, allowing you to locate the nearest supplier across the UK at the click of a button. For the ultimate in professional finishes we also provide a UK wide database of Processing Labs for the printing of your images.

Their community based pages also offer support and a wealth of information composed from readers across the UK. The best locations for striking photography can be found in the Where to Shoot section, and for inspiration fellow readers’ images are located in the Readers Gallery . They also have an infinite selection of images provided by links to external Image Libraries, featuring the highly regarded British Library Images Online .

The Photography Website supplies great advice for a range of digital camera techniques. Their most notable sections include Photographing People and Photographing Wildlife, plus Getting Sharper Images and Zooming for Sharper Images . Recommendations of Photographic Books can also be found on The Photography Website, along with a great range of photographic clubs that welcome new members and cater for all levels of photography experience. Details of Photographic Courses and Photographic Workshops can also be found on this website to boost your skills and abilities, and for those wanting a holiday with a difference, a selection of companies offering Photographic Holidays designed for all types of photographers.