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The Dangers Of Teen Modelling

It's always hard for any parent to let their children grow up, particularly if they are adamant they want to take up modelling as a career. Probably your immediate thoughts are all about the dangers of teen modelling and rightly so, because the industry is still unfortunately rife with those who would prey on underage children. With the added danger of social networking sites, it is so important to talk to your teen model constantly, to keep up a close relationship so you know where they are going and who they are with at all times whilst undertaking modelling jobs.the dangers of teen modelling

Like any career in front of a camera, the dangers of teen modelling can present themselves in lots of different ways. If your child is still in year 12 and in full-time education, then it is a legal requirement that they are chaperoned by an adult, whether it be a parent, a friend or a paid chaperone. This eliminates a lot of the danger associated with modelling, but it doesn't cut it out altogether. A teen model can place him or herself in danger because they decide they won't take a chaperone or check out a legitimate job beforehand and a teen model needs to know from the start, but not everybody is what they seem. We can't stress enough to you than to look after your child, which you do already of course, but really do your research before letting them go on any modelling jobs or meet new people, especially if it is a modelling job arranged online.

The best way to cut down on the dangers for a teen model is to go through a reputable model agent. We list model agents by town and county to try and help you find those near to you, but with the beauty of the Internet, it's possible to sign with a model agent in London, even if you live the other end of the country. What you do need to do though is actually make an appointment, meet the model agents themselves, check out their credentials, scour through their website and find out as much as you possibly can, because even the most professional looking model agents can be running a scam.

It's not just about the physical dangers, the mental dangers of teenage model work can be just as destructive. The pressure of modelling is intense, and it's a very tough and competitive business. You need to ask yourself if your child is strong enough, has the correct personality to cope with being rejected, because they will, we assure you, even the most gorgeous supermodels still get rejected even today, it is all part of the modelling industry. We have lots of pages in this section, which may be of benefit to any parent who has a teenager wanting to get into the modelling industry. Read up about our teen modelling and stress and see the signs in your child before it gets too far. Drug abuse and alcohol abuse in teen models is a very common thing, and we have pages dedicated to these subjects.