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Teen Modelling And Cosmetic Surgery

Helping your teen model feel good about their body image without surgery is something a parent is constantly striving to do. Teen models who have body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders have a huge battle on their hands and a parent can only offer the help they can. If teen modelling and cosmetic surgery is a subject which comes up over the dinner table, then you really need to know how to handle it properly. To simply say no to your child straightaway will only make your teen model dig their heels in even further, and as parents ourselves, we know the signs. teen modelling and plastic surgery

Many teenagers are influenced by the billion-dollar beauty industry and they want to emulate girls with big breasts, to look like the Hollywood divas or the really handsome good looking men. With breast implants becoming more and more popular, and also a lot cheaper, cosmetic surgery is becoming more affordable and accessible. But what do you do when your teenage daughter tells you she wants lypo suction or breast implants?

Teenagers are not fully mature enough to understand the risks of surgery and a lot of doctors won't even touch a teenager with their scalpel until they are at least 18, although there are some who have no scruples and wouldn't think twice. Luckily there are a lot of doctors who feel that parents shouldn't be signing for a child to have breast implants which could have an impact on the rest of their lives and that the child should have to be of age to make that decision and sign the consent form themselves.

What you need to tell your child is that a teenage body isn't completely developed yet and that their breasts change in size and shape as they grow. Try suggesting that it is best to wait until they have finished growing, which sometimes may go into their early 20s, before they have any sort of breast augmentation.

As for my lipo suction, some teen models to see their mothers having the procedure themselves want to try it out and usually younger girls don't need tummy tucks or thigh reduction until they've had children, had previous surgery or perhaps have had some massive weight loss. Let's face it, that's not likely to happen in someone younger than 18, but still there are times when cosmetic surgery IS necessary and even beneficial to a teenager.

Perhaps they have had some sort of deformity when they were born, or have had an accident and therefore need plastic surgery and have been advised to get some by a professional? If it is something on their face, such as a big nose, which is really getting them down, then perhaps talk to a doctor about the possibility. This sort of plastic surgery is not for someone who is simply vain and is wanting to become the stereotypical stick thin model. There are so many different types of modelling jobs that they could perhaps do that instead? Cosmetic surgery is usually for a teen model who is seriously suffering from depression. Have a look see if it is a procedure which can be done to help them and their self-esteem, then you may have to think again.

If it's your teenage girl  simply wanting bigger boobs, then your job as a parent is to understand how they feel, but sway them away from the idea until they have grown into themselves - if you can. Good luck!