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Teen Model Skin Tips


teen model skin tipsBeing a teenager is hard phase to go through in your life, especially if you have started modelling early, before your skin has started to develop spots and your voice has broken. Teen model skin tips is all about helping you through those hard years where inevitably, your skin will get blackheads, whiteheads, acne maybe. It's never too early to start looking after your skin, whether you are destined to carry out teen modelling as a career and go on to model as your future or if you are just using it to get some extra pocket money for now. Teen model skin tips can hopefully help you try and prevent at least some of the bad acne that can develop if you do not look after yourself from the beginning.

Practice makes perfect, so the earlier you start to practice a good skin care regime, the better as far as modelling is concerned. No matter what age group we all belong to as models, our skin faces fresh challenges at every stage of our life. Men, boys, you are the lucky ones. Usually boys go through a phase of spots in their later teenage years but then this fades as you get older, but we're afraid, girls and women, that unfortunately for you, it does carry on and tends to carry on in a monthly cycle to flare up during hormonal changes. Teenage years are an appropriate time to begin a healthy skincare routine, but most girls or boys at this age think that anything beyond cleansing or using an acne treatment is not needed or necessary. We have bad news unfortunately, because if you are entering into the world of modelling and are serious about it, then it needs more attention than that.

If you feel that your skin is still young, then good for you, but when you get into your 20s you will realise and wish sometimes that you have looked after your skin much better than you did. We know we sound like we are preaching, and sound just like your parents, but unfortunately in life if you are wanting to take a career at an early age, such as teen modelling, then you need to start listening to the pros. Our teen model skin tips are just a little bit of help and doesn't take much effort, but hopefully it will make a big difference in your appearance. It's so much any easier to prevent a breakout of spots than it is to clear one up.  If you have a tight schedule to keep to and a spot appears, it could cost you the job.

 Incorporate a complete skincare routine and creating a lifetime of healthy habits will stop and will help prevent future skin issues such as acne scarring, which cannot be reversed unless surgery is involved. Sun damage, fine lines and discolouration can begin at an early age if you don't look after your skin with an appropriate sunscreen. By the time you 15 you should be careful about keeping your skin ultra clean and using sunscreen at all times. Don't think that just because you have got older, you can go onto using and much less a range of skin, sun creams. Whatever age you are the sun will damage and age your skin and you must use a high factor.

Most of you will experience breakouts of spots during your teenage years as your body adjusts to its hormonal levels and your skin tries to get its natural oil balance, so here's a some teen model skin tips on what you should do to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean at all times.

1: Use a gentle, non-comedogenic cream or gel cleanser. If you have acne then your doctor will prescribe a non-comedogenic product.

2: Use a daytime moisturiser with a sunscreen of 15 and this will protect you if you have any outdoor shoots without slapping on lots of oily sun creams.

3: Use an oil free night time moisturiser to keep the balance in your skin. It is important for both male and females to use moisturisers.

4: If you have a breakout, avoid picking your spots. Try the tea tree based anti acne spot treatment cream to dry up the area fast.

5: Always drink lots of water. Water is brilliant for hydrating your skin at whatever age you are. Fresh juices with pulp in them will flush out your skin as well .

Try and get into the habit with our teen model skin tips and your looks should carry you through to your chore modelling years with great success!