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Tall Modelling


tall modelling

Taller modelling is a growing trend! If you're 5ft 9 or over then you qualify to be in our gang. To be so tall means you've hit the jackpot as far as the runway and catwalk fashion modelling is concerned. The fashion agencies really do like the taller models on their books as a larger model is big business and can fashion clothing to distraction. Check out the height requirements for the modelling job advertised, and if you have got what it takes, then don't hesitate and sign up for the job.

 Clients are often asking for taller models for promotional model work and commercial modelling always needs tall people for their ads. Where size doesn't matter, editorial work can feature petite or tall models. If you're a taller teen model, you could maybe get work not only in your field but pass for older and get to take on the modelling industry at a younger age than normal.

For the plus size modelling industry, larger sized women can shop at Evans and similar shops where tall clothing is sold to tall people galore. If you have larger feet because of your size, then tall work could be a bonus for you. Hand and foot models are always in demand and larger sizes still need to be size work is not just about the girth of a model, taller models are included in this Department because they are larger than the normal, the prerequisite specific size. Fashion and catwalk models need to be. Don't worry if you are heads above, there will certainly be work available.

Finding clothing suitable for the taller person has never been so accessible and so much fun and the stores are always on the lookout for taller and plus size people.  High street shops now sell tall clothing and the shows need to promote people your size. As well as the shops, there are all the fashion catalogues that need taller and longer clothes  promoting and they all need taller models just as much as the rest of the fashion industry! Businesses prefer to have mature models but they are very hard to find, so if you fitting to this genre, then don't worry about your height at all. Tell your model agency you are interested and fingers crossed the jobs will start rolling in.