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Swimwear modelling



Swimwear Modelling
Now this is a job for the body beautiful and no mistake. Nothing can be hidden from the camera, a little airbrushing afterwards maybe but you HAVE to have the body and face to fit in this demanding line of work. Swimwear modelling is certainly not for the shy, the unconfident. A model has to show off all he or she has got, show more than would normally be expected in a fully clothes line performance. You have no choice but to air your clean underwear in public!

It's a tough line of work and can often mean braving the elements, being watched and scrutinised by all the men and women behind the camera. You have to be positioned and you have to be fit. You have to have endurance and stamina to stand all day but then look gorgeous at the snap of a finger, a jump to attention. Your body has to be flawless and toned to perfection. Your skin needs to be excellent, no obvious birthmarks or disfigurements.

Your face is just as important and the hair must go with the look the director or photographer wants to create. Bathrobes are always on hand to cover your modesty but be prepared to show off some skin for long periods of time, in front of huge crowds of people sometimes.

Swimwear modelling is one of the hardest assignments a new or experienced model can have. It might seem to be a passport to exotic locations but the reality is quite different. You stand around wearing skimpy swimsuits and trying to look gorgeous frequently outside where the sun might be shining but it is freezing cold! It is not for the faint hearted but if you have the right sort of attitude and body you can make a lucrative career out of swimwear modelling.

Making lingerie look good is no easy task – you need to be able to wear many different styles of swimwear and bikinis and you need to be the right sort of shape. Ultra skinny models, who are experienced in high fashion and couture are not the right shape for swimwear modelling. This is because you have to have some shape and be able to fill the bikinis and swimwear you are modelling. In the clothing industry many ill-fitting clothes are pinned and tucked but with lingerie modelling there is nowhere to hide! You need a bust and a bottom but you also need to be super toned and with a flat tummy.

If you think that you have what it takes to become involved in swimwear modelling you will find plenty of modelling agencies that specialise in swimwear modelling for catalogues and editorials for magazines.