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Speciality Modelling


A model will specialise in some particular form of modelling or other, it's true. There are so many different types of work to choose from, it may not necessarily mean a model chooses just one type to follow their passion. A dream of being a model may stem from wanting to be a glamour model say, but once tasted, it could mean you try it but don't like it. Could lingerie work or swimwear be out of the question too? You need to ask yourself what you strengths are and where you like to model most - what makes you comfortable and what floats your boat? It's not always about the fashion and runway work although if you have the correct height and are the right shape and form then this can be a very lucrative career and get you much more work if you take to it well and it agrees with you.


To be a model is to be special anyway- any type of modelling means to live your dream. Perhaps you are a petite model and can specialise in fashioning clothes for the smaller aspects of the female population. Mature models and plus size are other alternatives but have you considered your very best asset? Have you shapely legs - smooth beautiful hands or feet? This is a side of speciality work that could be right up your street. You could always use your stunning features and your lovely handsome face and try out facial modelling -whatever your shape and size might be. It doesn't necessarily have to mean you stick to facial modelling forever, but it could be another area of modelling you could consider your speciality. Other parts of your body could earn you your career.

Speciality Models are concerned with demonstrating a particular part of your body that is distinct and beautiful. These body parts include hands, feet, legs, eyes and lips, and many cosmetics and accessories designers create a large demand for models of this type. For the tops models in Speciality Model's earnings can be very generous and provide a very good income for the model. Few people initially consider being a speciality model, preferring to set their sights on Catwalk and Fashion work, only to be disappointed when they don't quite make the grade. For those that originally choose to, or those that don't meet the requirements for other different types of modelling, speciality modelling can be prove to be a successful and enjoyable career.

The most popular type of assignment that is received in this genre often features hand creams or bath products, where the client wants either beautiful hands or feet to advertise their product. Another type is within advertising tights and stockings; here there is a huge demand for women that have wonderful legs, and there are several models who easily make a living by working in this area. Cosmetics companies are also often on the look out for models with distinct facial features, wonderful lips or gorgeous eyes to use for their next promotional work.