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Pregnant Modelling



Pregnant Modelling

A woman never looks more beautiful than when she's pregnant. She blooms and her skin and eyes shine. Her hair seems glossier.  Her nails are in perfect condition. It's nature's way to make her glorious for her baby, preparing her for nurturing. A pregnant woman makes people around her feel so good.

If you've got over the sickness and you feel like a goddess - you know that feeling only pregnancy gives you? Then why not consider sharing your joy and show off your beautiful bump and have a think about pregnant modelling.

Many model agencies take on pregnant women, even if they have never done any kind of modelling before - throughout all stages of their pregnancy. Some new mums even go onto to model with their newborn or toddler. The bond new mums share can't be replicated with anyone else - it simply has to be you, no other model will do.

There are certain requirements though - you must be photogenic for a start, be flexible with your time in the week and be professional at all times. It could be a job modelling your bump fully clothed for a new range of maternity wear for example. It could be modelling semi nude with underwear suitable for mums or lingerie. It could be a TV commercial for baby milk or nappies. The jobs are endless and there's a small period to try out your new modelling skills before the bump has gone and the chaos takes over! Why not take advantage of being serene and stunning? Modelling while pregnant could take your mind off impending motherhood and think of the legacy you have already left your son or daughter? Not many people can boast they were on telly or in a magazine while they're still inside their mum!  

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Elliott Brown Agency
Elliott Brown Agency
The Elliott Brown Agency was established in the university city of Oxford, and its central positioning in the UK and no-nonsense approach has enabled it to grow into one of the leading provincial agencies in the country. We can provide a broad range of male, female, and child models for...
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