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Fine Art And Life Modelling

Life Model
Would you like to be immortalised in art, to have your body adorning a wall or a museum one day? Used by the masters for generations, life modelling involves a close working relarionship with the artist, a sense of closeness to the subject to be painted, without ever having your personal space invaded, no touching allowed. It could mean you're in a classroom situation with young people learning from their mistakes. You could be providing their education - think about that!

It could be a personal posing session for an unknown artist or a famous one at that. With the wonderful world of art ever changing, your face and body could be famous in years to come - an icon for future generations. Francis Bacon, a case in point, with his wonderful Tea Lady paintings, have immortalised that still life model forever - the sales alone of paintings featuring her overweight body run into tens of millions of pounds.

Fine art and life models go hand in hand with a model being able to flaunt their body in a sexily un-provocative way. A life model can be overweight, older - not be perfectly flawless. More often than not the opposite is required. The artist generally wants real people, not a caricature of a perfect person. Sales of nudes have sky rocketed over the years and it's a chance for the physically imperfect, the mature model maybe to get a chance to succeed and feel wanted, feel glamorous. To be captured in paint is surely an accolade and a string to one's model bow. An experience to remember and a potential masterpiece created.

It could be paid or unpaid work so check out the details before you sign up. It will mean sitting or standing for long lengths of time and you need to be able to stay still - that goes with the job!

Life Modelling is a different aspect to model work that can be approached by models of all shapes and sizes. Typically, life models are used by painters and sculptors who create figurative paintings, drawings and sculpture. Life models are sometimes also used by photographers, but some life models choose not to undertake photographic work. Life Modelling often involves sitting or posing nude for a length of time whilst the artist draws you or the photographer takes a wind range of shots. Nudity is always handled tastefully and does not involve sexually suggestive posing; this falls into the realms of Glamour Modelling. The job of the person modelling is not just to sit there however; they are there to create interest and stimulation for whatever artist is involved, and help them to develop stunning pieces of work. Life Models themselves also have the opportunity of developing a Modelling Portfolio from this work, allowing everyone to gain from the experience.

Life models will need to be able hold positions often for extended periods of time. Life modelling is a physically very demanding job, only suitable for the fit,
healthy and self-disciplined. The pay is often relatively low but the job can be extremely rewarding and be a great outlet for creativity. Most life models are involved in Freelance Modelling without the need of an agent so receive all of their earnings themselves. Life Modelling may involve posing for an individual artist or photographer or can include posing for a class or potential artists who have taken a course in Life Drawing.

There are sets of strict rules that surround life modelling to ensure that the model is happy the during their entire sitting. In the case of modelling for a class it is usual that only the instructor is permitted to talk to the model, to help create a professional attitude in the class. Many artists will like to look closer at the particular body part they are drawing and this is only allowed with the express permission of the person modelling. Touching is usually prohibited and if the artists require the model to move they will ask and not interfere with the model themselves.