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Petite Modelling


petite modelling

So you're not the tallest model in the world - so what? Just because you may not be as tall as your friends or fellow models, doesn't mean for one minute that you can't be a successful petite model. Just because you may look young for age, again, doesn't mean you can't have a petite modelling career. To fit the requirements you need to be of a smaller height - under 5ft 6" to be exact. Modelling nowadays certainly doesn't mean you have to be the pre-requisite statuesque, the perfect height size and shape for fashion modelling. Times are definitely changing and more and more companies are wanting smaller models, for all sorts of modelling purposes.

Petite means there's a niche for you - a department made just small enough for you to fit in. Small boned models can sell all sorts of clothes and products, sometimes better than the taller, more statuesque models around. Have you thought of jewellery modelling or facial modelling? It really doesn't matter what size or shape you are for that. You're much more versatile because you can act younger than your years if the job requires it of you- the taller models certainly can't!

Although you're all grown up, of course you are, but have you thought you could actually pose as a younger model and gain more work that way? You are two types of models rolled into one, and not the stereotypical that's for sure. You have the size range to model alongside your peers but you can also double up to maybe pose in the teen modelling market too. It's great to look much younger than you are so why not take advantage and apply for jobs that may be a teenager would get. You have the advantage, and can probably offer more experience and more enthusiasm for the part.

Many petite models go onto to be just as successful as their taller friends and can double up in the teen model industry or even pre teen if you've got the skin and the young looking face needed to pull off the acting job of your life! Size sometimes isn't that important, and particularly for advertising work, height certainly won't matter to some modelling jobs. It's all about being right for the particular job that is advertised and if you feel you have got what it takes, then don't give your size a second thought and go for it!