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Personal Stylists in the Modelling Industry


personal stylist

Personal stylists are worth their weight in gold. For a model to be successful enough and have their own,  means they've hit the big time. Supermodels won't leave the house without one that’s for sure! A personal stylist should have a keen sense of fashion, a nose for what's in and what's out. You'll be expected to dress a wide range of body types, a wide range of divas unless you're exclusive to one model alone. You'll be wanted for all manner of events and occasions and be called upon to drop everything if the need arises.It is work within an industry which is fast paced, but full of life, surrounded by models who need help and advice, quick changes but most of all for you to make them look as good as you can be. You have the power to make models career, but also the responsibility to be on form and on hand at all times.

To be successful in this field you need to study fashion religiously, fanatically, be a total fan and be able to pass any test. Source all the magazines and scour every show to be in the know. Tune into The Bravo and E channels and learn from the shows to teach yourself your craft. Better still go to school and get yourself a degree in fashion if you like. Read every book on fashion you can find and educate yourself about fashion and their designers. It's up to you to be at the top of the food chain and your job to know every designer in Vogue and be able to memorize their signature style.You have to be at the top of your game and know your fashion FAQs in an instant.

Working for a celebrity or famous model as a personal assistant is one of the easiest ways to break into the business - but its certainly not an easy life. These people are famous and they know it and it's up to you to maybe have to bow and scrape - they are your boss and you have to do their bidding. Make suggestions and bring out your ideas for sure - never be stifled by the client if you can help it. After all it's you who has the knowledge and that’s what they're paying you for, but the hardest part is juggling personalities and not imparting your own too much. They are the stars after all, and it is your job to make them look $1 million.

To gain more modelling work then think about promoting yourself, although once you have a foot in the door and if your work speaks for itself, then, word of mouth is your best ally. Some simple advice is to create a book of your before and after photos in your own personal portfolio - take it with you to show your talent and you'll go far we're sure. Do what you're good at be creative - be stylish in your own clothes and look after your own appearance. First impressions will get your foot in the door as personal stylist to the stars and once there, you will never want to do anything else we guarantee.