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Other Careers in the Modelling Industry


careers in modelling industry

So you love the world of modelling - the glitz and the glamour. Have you thought about modelling, but are way too shy to strut your body in front of an audience? Do you have really good organisational skills, but would love to work within the modelling industry and not necessarily be a model yourself? There are loads of jobs within this industry which could suit you down to the ground. Perhaps you may be good at being a booker, an event's organiser or makeup and beauty expert behind the scenes. The possibilities are endless.  

For every photo shoot or assignment that takes place, there are lots of people behind the scenes who make this happen. From location managers, stylists for the clothing line that's being posed for, the photographer's assistant or a famous model's personal assistant, the jobs are out there and could be just what you need. Have a think about the people you come across when you go to photo shoots for example, the people behind the desk as you first walk through the door, the press who have to go to all the fashion shows to get the snaps. They all work within the industry, but aren't necessarily the ones in the full front and the limelight.

To be able to work quickly to change a model's look is a very rare thing to do. Think about a career in the modelling industry as a makeup or beauty expert. They have to transform the look of a person in seconds and the hair stylist behind the scenes, have to work hand in hand with the other stylists back stage. It's to be part of a glamorous team who have all their individual jobs to do, but who all have the same goal - to create a thing of beauty and you'd be a valuable part in the process.

If you have the motivation and get up and go to arrange assignments, have great attention to detail when working under pressure, then there are certainly many more careers in the modelling industry that could suit you better than being an actual model yourself. If you love the glamour and the sparkle but you're not really cut out to be a model yourself, then have a think about the other types of modelling jobs available. Another option is to think about combining modelling with acting . A good model is usually a bit of an actor or actress anyway, constantly transforming themselves into somebody else all day so the chances are you are already good at it anyway? Have a think about combining modelling with something else, perhaps having a full-time job and modelling as a part-time one. It's perfectly possible to have two careers running alongside each other if you want it hard enough.