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Modelling Portfolio


modelling portfolio

Every aspiring model needs to look into getting their own modelling portfolio. This is sometimes known as your "book" if you're more familiar with that term. It's a book full of your finest achievements, your very best photographs and it's usually built up over a period of time. It's not something that should be completed in a single modelling photo shoot and it's so important that it reflects your personality and your style. It's something to be working on constantly, taking out old photographs and replacing with new. Every time you undertake a modelling job, think about the results and if they are current enough to set you apart from the rest. Sometimes, it is best to leave the ones in you feel good about, go with your gut every time.

Many modelling portfolios arrive on model agencies desks and it's imperative that yours stands out from the crowd. To gain new work and more modelling contracts, it's essential that the photos in your portfolio, reflect the very best of you. Never include family photos or holiday snaps. You must look professional and serious about your chosen profession. You should have at a minimum of one head shot and a full height shot and make sure you have the photographs taken by a professional photographer. This may cost a little money, but it will definitely be worth it initially. As you gain more work, the photographer will let you have some from the shoot, which is a cheaper option.

Your modelling portfolio could include new work or old, borrowed or blue – but it needs to be outstanding to let your light shine through to the max. If you are one of the lucky few who get taken on by a successful model agency, then they can provide the portfolio for you, get your test shots but you need to get there in the first place. Always keep it up dated and in the current vogue, particularly if you have been modelling for a number of years. The closing while wearing will reflect the decade you are in and can sometimes look outdated without you realising. Get your friends and family to have a look through occasionally as this always is a great idea to get another's point of view.

Be at the top of the game, the cream of the crop - and let us make you your own. With our dedicated team and expert model advice we can source the portfolio for you, a helping hand to get started, a hitch up the ladder.  Let us help you and show you how to become the model you deserve to be. our partners are experts in the commercial photography sector. Have a browse through the online portfolios we feature every week, and have a think about having one done yourself. With the huge amount of viewers we get, it gives a model the most exposure.