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Modelling in London


Modelling in London is the first step for any model in Britain to make before thinking about going international. It is the place to be seen and the city to be noticed and if you can get your name and face, your swagger and your attitude remembered, because you were seen first in London, then this will help you in your modelling success. We may have wet weather most of the time and London may seem dreary, the Big Smoke as it's called, but the modelling scene in London is bustling and vibrant, glitzy and glamourous. It's the capital city, next to Milan and Paris on the fashion show calendar. Designers drop everything to have their creations models by the most fashionable models

model in london

London has never been so popular, so revered. With hosting the Olympics, to wonderful Wimbledon, London has a lot of events, theatres and West End shows, which bring visitors from all over the world. It is the best chance an unknown model will have to get papped by paparazzi. The amount of fashion events every week in London is absolutely staggering and this doesn't happen anywhere else in the UK. Whether they are glitzy fashion shows, charity catwalk events, exhibitions at the museums showcasing fashion designers of different eras, the whole all about London is to do with beauty, what's in and what's not, who's in and who's not. Trends are set in our capital city and fortunes are made. Reputations are adhered to and new careers are created.

This is where the designer clothes shops are in abundance, the names who jostle for position to get their shop front looking better than the rest. To get your name discovered and your face remembered is to sell these designers their clothes in the first place, the companies who buy all because of you. It is a city which attracts the young and hip, the classic and the mature model. It is not just about modelling either, being the place to be seen for actors and actresses, the latest pop sensations, the hip-hop artists who go back to their roots, and the rap stars who are making their name famous in this part of the United Kingdom.

Showcasing the new talent and new stars of the modelling world, from designers to models to then hosting the best parties to be seen at, London town is where the gossip is at but also where some of the top fashion magazines who all need models, will feature in their pages. There are model schools in London, and great places to set up home, whether sharing with another model or with that good friend. Accommodation in London is a great way to be able to be on hand if that casting call comes up or you have your eye on all those modelling jobs in London. Whether you are new to the industry or an old hand, think of the London fashion scene and think of your main aim because next stop it could be New York, Paris, or Milan but you will always want to come back to Blighty will!