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Model Tips and Advice


Model tips and advice

Our page on Model Tips and Advice is where all the juicy bits are found. It's the model with the most secrets up their sleeve that will get the jobs and be remembered for future work. If you're in the know from the start and you know how to look after yourself and make the best out of your appearance, then you'll feel much more confident when going to your first photo shoot and that will shine through like a beacon. We have all sorts of information to help you with the little things you may not have thought of, the snippets of information which could help you get one up on those who are competing for the same job.


To be in the know is to be armed and dangerous. If you know how to pose, you know how to apply model makeup and you have looked after your diet and health, then it makes the casting director and the photographer's job so much easier. If you can pull it off and the photo shoot runs smooth and without delays, then you will be in the good books straight away. Read up about the information you can. The beauty of our website is that we have it all here in one place and you don't need to flit from site to site to get the advice you may be seeking.


Models have the stereotypical image of being divas - this is all well and good if the image applies and you are the starlet or stud of the show, but most of the time you have to earn this reputation through serious hard work before hand. Super models aren't made overnight and to bear the reputation as a diva is something you have to earn. In other words don't attempt to be one yet or you'll be turned down for future work. You need to be an easy candidate to work with; you need to build a rapport with the people around you. You need to be a likeable model for the sake of your future reputation.


Follow our model tips and advice and we're sure you'll make the right choices. Models are moulded and your reputation needs to be built up over several years, and hundreds of photo shoots. If you're difficult from the outset you will be remembered - but it will be for all for the wrong reasons. Modelling is hard work, it can't be denied, but if you are prepared to give 100%, then the job will reward you with the same amount. It's about putting in what you get out - like any job, but always remember you are self employed and it's up to you to be the best that you can be, be better than the rest and be ahead of the rest. Modelling is so competitive and it's crucial you keep up with the latest trends and learn about the latest modelling jobs as they happen.