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Model Fashion


model fashion
The term 'fashion' refers to 'current trends in look and dress up of a person, as well asked to prevailing styles in behaviour.'  As far as we're concerned, here at UK model agencies, it encompasses a whole new world just waiting to be explored. It's all about the clothes, the accessories, and don't forget the scrummy yummy shoes. Stuff to make a girl's heart flutter as we unleash our master class in how to dress, what to wear and when to wear it. Don't be seen dead in the' so last year' look. Making sure you're always on the ball is part of a model's job.

To us the term 'fashion' means articles, with all the latest up-to-date information from magazines, TV programmes and online latest news. We do the digging and pass it on to you. It's all about the supermodels and advice on how to become a supermodel yourself, if that's your aim in life. We have all the latest information on the newest teen supermodels and plus size supermodels galore. What are they wearing, who are they seeing at the moment? Generally it's about us having a good poke around and a nosy into the lives of the glamorous and gorgeous.

We have a new section on clothing, with all the complicated different clothing fits explained. We will highlight the top make up stylists and pass on their tips and tricks to you. Top hairstylists, to try and copy their styles yourself if you dare - come on, it can't be that hard can it really? And we have a delve into the top fashion photographers around at the moment, as well as glossing on the iconic ones who have made models stars for years.

Model fashion is ever-changing but we'll keep up because it's our job. We will help you learn how to dress for your body shape and keep up with the current trends. Model body shapes are ever-changing and our body shape calculator will help you find out exactly which size you are meant to be. You need to know your stats to prepare your modelling portfolio and your z cards don't you agree?

The history of design is a real eye opener and a seriously good read. Fashion eras are even more exciting, when you hear about the history, and that's the time to sit back and dream about times gone past.

Model fashion will constantly be updated with new ideas, all the latest dates with shows coming out of our ears. What to be seen in and what not to wear is always at the forefront of a model's mind. Well, we will help you out, doing all the research and hitting the high streets for all the latest news. It's a hard job for a girl but somebody has got to do it!

Stay up-to-date with us here in our model fashion section and never make another fashion faux pas ever again.