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Model Exercise


Thinking about exercise can make most of all is groan but it is an essential part of a model's daily routine. It needs to be as important as your beauty regime and your hair care. Our bodies, as we age, tend to sag in places we don't want them to and even young teen models need to keep themselves in shape. Beginning model exercise from scratch can be daunting and you may not know where to start, so here are a few hints and tips to help you get going. model exercise

It's all about making small activity changes to get big results and sometimes just getting through the door, whether it's out of your own front door and into the park or through the doors into an aerobics class, if the whole thought of exercise tends to sabotage your brain, then just take baby steps and limit yourself getting physically somewhere just by walking rather than catching the bus.

Get support and find a fitness friend and it will halve the chore factor. Find a gym instructor. They can be your friends you know  - they are professional, sympathetic and know how to tap into your psyche. With someone to spur you on and push you a little bit harder. You will do more exercise believe us. Maybe if you could make a little investment, you are more likely to stay committed so consider spending a little bit of money on a new class, perhaps a sexy gym outfit or most importantly, an iPod. To be able to do exercise with music helping you with the beat, cuts down on the mental anguish and lack of willpower no end.

Timing is important, and if you know you struggle to get up in the morning, be realistic and don't decide on morning classes. Perhaps try something at the end of the day or at the weekend, or on your day off, possibly. The other way is to reward yourself, and choose to get active before doing something you like doing, say, perhaps being able to sit down and watch a TV programme. Think of something to look forward to at the end of any exercise and this will spur you on.

Distracting yourself is good especially if you are on a monotonous cycling or running machine. It will make the time go much quicker and listening to music, perhaps a play you have recorded on a podcast or watching the television in the gym, get lost in all the things and try not to concentrate on the exercise itself.

Don't constantly weigh yourself and forget about inches and pounds, kilograms and centimetres. The best way to feel good is if you're close feel a little bit looser, stick to thinking about the positive effects the activity is having on your mind and body and don't number crunch.

Tell others that you are going to exercise because they will quiz you and it's hard to admit failure to other people, more than just yourself, if you haven't done the exercise you were planning. But the main thing is to congratulate yourself. Write it down on a piece of paper that you will jog for 5 minutes up and down the stairs and if you do it, give yourself a huge tick! It sounds bizarre, but you won't know until you've done it how good it feels!

Choose exercise which you will enjoy and you will do it so much more readily than you would with something that is boring and monotonous. It doesn't have to be jogging on the spot and staring at the wall, get out into the open air and just have a walk for start. Build up to something bigger and better as you get fitter. Fitness really can be fun we promise, and if it gets you more modelling jobs, then simply keep this at the back of your mind because it will make it all worthwhile!