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Model events are great to get our name and face about, to network and get to know the people in the business you want to work in. A model event can be anything from a local fashion show to a prestigious club, hosting celebrities as well having all the fashion photographers, fashion designers, stylists and modelling agencies that could serve you well to collect the business cards from. Charity events are always popular and famous names can appear and add extra publicity or it could just be for the local community. Whatever the occasion its a great way for a model to take part and it's an experinece which could make your name more prestigious, get you noticed and be remembered for more fashion shows or model events to come knocking on your door.

It's always good to mingle and to mingle at a model event means to get you in the know and find out before the competition does. Be the first to find out about a fashion shoot or what the latest trends are going to be. Get ahead of the game and find time to make yourself look the best you can be to stun everyone with your charm and good looks. It's a chance to really show off your personality in a relatively informal setting. Its a fantastic way to network, to gain new contacts and meet the right people in all the right places. It's good to be seen and be noticed and its also about having fun as well. Models need to play hard as well as work hard but always be in control - it's a job you are constantly doing and if you are in the limelight, you need to know you are also under scrutiny. You will be watched so you need to behave!

Usually it involves alcoholic drinks but be wary of overindulging as this could end your career- not start it! Behave yourself and be professional at all times. It may be a party yes, but the aim is for all the big names in the modelling industry to catch up and spot the next face of a new clothing line for example. It could easily be the place you could get noticed and get your big break.

A model event is usually a melting pot of influential people in the modelling industry that could make or break you.  Try and source the high class model events, and stay away form the seedy ones - be warned there are a lot out there where the aim is to scam the unsuspecting model. Don't fall for any charm until you've checked out the credentials and try to go with friends, not on your own to be safe. A model event could be just what you need to start you off but it certainly wouldn't hurt to see what's on around you and be in the know and enjoy yourself at the same time.

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Fashion for the brave is a high profile, black-tie event to be held at the Dorchester Hotel on 20 September 2012. It will feature a catwalk show and auction with some of the biggest names in...
With a wealth of fashion related exhibitions all over London constantly, and over the last year or two in the V & A, Christian Laboutin was at the Design Museum and Hermes took over 6...
The ultimate fashion event taking place in the official London fashion week venue of Somerset house - this show is s pin off and is always worth a look. It's always a sell-out so make sure you...
London fashion week is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world and puts London and British fashion firmly on the map. It is the place to be seen for models everywhere, to rub...
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