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Model Body Shapes


There are generally eight types of body shapes for women and as a female model changes and gets older, so does her body. For a male model it is a little different and generally they will fill out depending if they work out or not, but for a woman sometimes, childbirth and ageing can change the genre of modelling they used to be able to do quite easily.
model body shapes

This section is finding out which type of model body shape you are but also how to dress your body shape to emphasise the bits you want to and de-emphasise the bits you don't. It used to be said that most females were either an apple or a pear body shape but studies have revealed that women have a much broader spectrum of body shapes. Once you know what body type you are you can begin to work with your body shape rather than against it when choosing clothing and swimsuits.

It is important to find this out before taking up modelling because you have to look the part when you walk through the door of the model agent to get you work. If you don't look right in the first place then sometimes first impressions can make or break a potential model's career. As females our body types, often change sometimes due to puberty, childbirth, weight loss or weight gain but we are often left at a loss of how to choose clothes which suit us and don't know how to complement the body shapes we have. This is why it is important to understand your new body shape.

There is a pretty good chance you only think you have a big bottom, but most likely, you are perfectly formed. Regardless of weight, big bottoms are definitely in thanks to J Lo and Beyonce, and now has never been a better time to show that bum off ladies!

We can't all fit into the fitness and catwalk modelling genre its true, but there are so many different types of modelling for every type of body shape never think you can't make it as a model because you can. With the illusion of different types of clothing it is perfectly possible to even up top-heavy models and bottom heavy models. So sit down and browse through our list of different model body shapes and work out which is for you. You may learn something you never knew with our advice on how to dress.  In this day and age anything goes and it's a fantastic time to take up modelling because the backlash against waiflike models is certainly underway.

No matter what shape you are, women and also as men we consider themselves as having something wrong somewhere and we can't all be perfect it's true. Whether it is a big bottom, fat legs, or small bosom there aren't many people who are totally happy with how they look. But the good news is this is what clothing is for, and there are certainly lots of different ways to hide those imperfections -if you really do have them that is!