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Acting for Models


model acting
Most models are gregarious, out outgoing individuals who love life in front of the camera, whether they are posing or pretending to be somebody else for the day, a models life is all about creating a persona and trying to sell the product they have been asked. Model acting is just another extension to the job you already do so well. You already face a live audience and you're already modelling on the catwalk - yes? Then why not think about doing the same thing in front of another type of lens - that of model acting on the silver screen or in front of the TV camera? A catwalk is a walk onto the stage, a performance in itself. If a model already has the guts and determination to strut their stuff in front of a real people - think how easy it is to be able to edit what you do.

You already can be theatrical and dramatize -as a model you already do it every day. Be an extra on film sets or try TV work why not? To act is another string to your talented bow and acting is what you do already - in your sleep and as easy as one two three, so perhaps add another category to your CV? Achieve mega stardom if you're interested in model acting. Get your face and body noticed in more ways than one and earn some extra money, but also challenge yourself to do something that little bit different to your modelling peers. In a very competitive industry, it is great to have other strings to your modelling bow in case model work dries up for any reason.

If you can do that, then the sky's the limit for a talented person like you and a TV actor could be something you haven't thought you could do - but you can, we know it for sure. Use your looks to follow your own future to an actor's path of fame and fortune. Sell clothes of course but consider adding another category to your already bursting portfolio. it would look simply fantastic on your model CV, your Z card or your website, citing live performances or video tape which can be viewed by potential employees or clients. It's a 3 dimensional you, showing off your personality but also your professional performance, which sometimes can't be viewed through simple still photographs.

Acting can push your career into another direction and lead you to become famous, give you more opportunities in other TV work, - push up your persona  and build your confidence levels to new dizzying heights. Acting and modelling go hand in hand - it's the easiest way to get into acting. It enhances your life skills and gives you the confidence to go for other work. Make your life even more glamorous by becoming an actor. It's demanding, we won't lie -  but the rewards outweigh the hard work and you won't look back.If you can juggle acting and modelling then you really are quite lucky. Take advantage of your talents and push yourself to the limit.