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Meet Daphne Self, Britain's Oldest Model



Posted on Sunday, 15 March 2009 10:38AM by Editor

Daphne Self started her career just under 60 years ago and has recently been taking to the catwalks again at the age of 80 modelling for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana. Miss Selfe is proud of never having had any cosmetic surgery and has barely changed with regards to her body shape; when she began modelling in 1950 she measured as a 36-24-37, and she now measures 36-26-36.

Miss Selfe is currently signed with top modelling agency Models 1 and has recently appeared in the hallowed pages of Vogue and Marie Claire. She commented on how her career has lept into overdrive since she began promoting the benefits of going grey and aging gracefully. "My hair is my fortune, it made me more striking. Other younger models admire me but they're not jealous as I'm not a threat. I have a niche all of my own. I don't feel a day over 60. It's fantastic. I'll continue modelling until they stop asking. It love it. It's fun and keeps me young. I was never one for wild parties and I've never had any need to get drunk."

Miss Selfe was originally discovered whilst working at John Lewis in Reading, and she was persuaded to take part in a modelling competition that she won, allowing her to be photographed by Gilbert Adams. A London based agency held a fashion show at the store in Reading and they needed a model to fill in at the last minute. Miss Selfe was a major success and was promptly signed to the agency and sent on a training course.

She made a comeback in 1998 when she was involved in a show for Red or Dead when she was spotted by Models 1. Nivea and Olay have also benefitted from Daphne Self's unique look in recent years. She commented "Some girls are naturally slim, like Lily Cole, but others take it too far and just look ill and gaunt. There should be a far wider spread of body shapes but at the end of day, the clothes must look good too. It's tricky."