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Male Models


Welcome male models to UK Model Agencies, the largest directory for model agents in the UK. Not only that, but we are a website visited by hundreds of professionals in the industry every day, from modelling photographers, to beauty stylists, to model scouts and casting agents. The aim of our website is to get bigger all the time and already it is a monster, attracting over 25,000 unique visits each month.

We could be the way forward, to kick start your career with information you may not have thought of. To be discovered means arming yourself with up-to-date news and advice at the click of a mouse. To keep on top of the latest trends and to know what's in fashion and what's not, who's in Vogue and who isn't, a male model must keep up-to-date and in the know. It's just as important to have the knowledge, than to simply have the looks and rely on other people to find you work.

Arm yourself with professional photo shoots and your own individual website if you can and get your profile noticed. Male models should have a military standard portfolio, a battalion of good looks and a commanding cavalry of masculinity, but there is also room for the cute and cuddly, models of all ages, shapes and sizes. If advice is needed to kick start your modelling career, then why not fill out a form or click on the link above? male modelling

 Never be afraid to start modelling at any age, at any height or at any weight. In this day and age all people are accepted and if anyone has ever told you that you should take up the profession, then trust in what they say and give it a go. With so many other types of modelling available to you, what can you lose apart from having a great time and if it doesn't work out, then so what? At least you will know inside you have given something a go, something you have always wanted to do.

It's so important to be individual, to set your style from the start, but also to be adaptable and to take on other roles. Try different modelling jobs and show potential model agencies that you're versatile and willing to work hard. We have the guys, the dudes and the fellas. We know mature models who are gentlemen and teen models who are fresh, but plus size models, character models and even ugly modelling can make a man some money.

Why not 'like' our UKMA Facebook page, and make friends with those just like you, male models with like minds who are perhaps just starting out too? Maybe you have some experience or information you can pass on to our growing model family? Social networking has never been so important and a male model must at all times keep in contact with as many people in the profession as they can, because you may never know when you will need a helping hand.

Our knowledge and model advice is the best for miles around and at UK Model Agencies, we can find help you find the right One direction!