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You already know you have the looks or you wouldn't be here reading this. You've probably been told you're good looking, that you should become a model - we're right yes? But are you still a little wary of the scary model industry? Well it's nothing to be ashamed of, it can be a daunting world of wonders but we can help you with any modelling advice you need -just fill give us a call or fill out our form.
Male modelling is a world filled with beautiful people like you. You can be stunning and tall or short and dumpy - that's the true beauty of this type of career. There are so many opportunities these days for male models. For a start you don't have to be the classically handsome, six- pack bearing stud type- although it helps if you have a good body, that's for sure. But there are jobs available with model agencies crying out for other types of models. Plus size models is an area that needs attention. There are not many in this field and why not, we ask? Big men are as beautiful as big women?
If you're a teenager and want to get into the male modelling market, then scan our pages for all the up to date news and model information. If you prove you've done your homework before contacting a model agency, the odds are more stacked in your favour. Decide if you want to be a feelance model or if you would prefer being managed by a model agent. It's a decision to be made. The definitions are down the left hand side of our site, so have a look and make up your mind.

Whatever your skin colour or your hair style, your shape or your size, male models have such a diverse and exciting world for all, it makes sense to give it a go. It could be a part time thing or you may like it so much it could turn into a full time career. If your face fits - we can get you the work. Give male modelling a whirl - you never know - you might like it!

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Abiola Folarin
Why I became a model: Modelling is a deep passion of mine, I enjoy being in front of a camera, I think modelling is a beautiful form of art that tells a story...
Adam Nice
Why I became a model: It just sounds fun, possibly getting to travelling round the world, wearing different clothes, trying new fashions. And hopefully it...
Alex Bird
Why I became a model: Because throughout my life people have always said I should be a model, also when I spent a day at La Mode I enjoyed every minute of...
Alex Holmes
Why I became a model: I like whole buzz of the Industry and enjoy promoting new and different products. My favourite area would be film and television but am...
Alish Giri
Why I became a model: Every one have to choose a career in his/her life. And they choose their own field based on what they can put through. I want to be a...
Alister Wilson
Why I became a model: Modelling is a great confidence booster, it builds character and helps people like myself feel they can shine. In front of a camera...
Andre Dias
Why I became a model: My friends told me I should try it! I am available for the following types of modelling work: Catalogue Modelling Fashion...
Andre Ranussi
Why I became a model: I want to be a model because I find it very interesting and because I like posing for photographs and shoots. I am available for the...
Andrew Rugg
Why I became a model: I have always been into design be it exterior, interior fashion and so on. How great would it be to see yourself in GQ magazine?! In an...
Andrew Schesselman
Why I became a model: I want to be a model because I've done a few photo shoots to build my self confidence. I found that I really enjoyed doing them and...
Andrew Unsworth
Why I became a model: I am interested in being a model as I am interested in the modelling industry, dance, photography and the commercial modelling industry....
Andzejs Dukalskis
Why I became a model: I like to work hard and play hard, I am a positive person who enjoys the finer things in life. I have a contagious attitude for having...
Anthony Williams
Why I became a model: Because I am photogenic. I am ambitious and hard-working. also available for jobs and castings at short notice. I can take direction....
Antony Ursell
Why I became a model: I wanted to start modelling because being centre of attention is what I love. To combine that with a cut-throat industry, fast paced...
Aurimas Stockunas
Why I became a model: I am ambitious, photogenic, I like to being under spotlight, would be a great experience, like to be inspiration to others. ...
Aziza Amar-Aigbe
Why I became a model: While growing up I used to admire models in magazines and on TV, because of how fit they looked and how they were stylishly dressed. I...
Ben Edwards
Why I became a model: It's simple really, I enjoy modelling a lot. It is new for me, but I want it to be a long term career and I'm prepared to work hard to...
Ben Emerick
Why I became a model: When I was growing up I was often bullied because of my persona, I aspired to achieve good grades in school so that was what I set my...
Ben McNamara
I am available for the following types of modelling work: Advertising and Commercial Modelling Art Modelling Catalogue Modelling Fashion Modelling ...
Why I became a model: Modelling contains three interests of mine - fashion, photography, and being the centre of attention. I enjoy the idea of understanding...
Blerim Betija
Why I became a model: Because I have always been passionate about modeling I love taking pictures and being under the spotlight and I think I have the right...
You are viewing results 1 to 21 of 146Pages: 1, 2, 3, ... 5, 6, 7   Previous | Next
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