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Love Your Body


In so many ways the modelling industry and all industries connected with it, tell women and girls but also men and boys, that being admired, envied and being generally perfect to look at is the main function of becoming a model. The beauty 'template', the strict size, height and weight requirements for catwalk and fashion modelling, for most models, is narrow, unrealistic and sometimes even hazardous to health. Love Your Body

Advertisements, magazine covers and fashion spreads encourage models to take up the art in the first place, but being realistic about your own body is the most important thing a model can learn from the offset. It is important to remember when looking at celebrities and other successful models looking totally perfect in print, that although they may look blemish free, with not an inch of cellulite in sight, that these images could have been manipulated to make them look even thinner, to make their hair, skin, and teeth look more un real.

It's important to remember that magazines leave out models of colour, of various shapes and sizes, models with disabilities, mature models who don't conform to gender norms. They continually invent new 'problems' with bodies and faces that can be 'fixed' by spending money on a brand-new product or procedure. They are responsible for presenting models as sexual objects and as younger and younger ages than they really are. They style and pose adult men and women to look like girls and boys. They can glamorise alcohol, smoking and substance abuse, and for a model who is in the business, it is quite easy to fall into the misconception that they have to become just like this.

It simply isn't true and never let it give you low self esteem. In the wonderful world of modelling in this 21st century of ours, there are so many different types of model jobs available to all colours, shapes and sizes, models with disabilities and models who are unique to look at. It can be a place for 'real' looking men and women to promote products to 'real' customers, people who appreciate honesty from a business because they can relate to the model more.

Love your body, no matter what size you are, because if you don't, modelling could make you extremely unhappy. Don't constantly try to change what you already have, but aim to look after it, pampering your skin and your hair, making sure you use creams to combat wrinkles, keep out of the sun, general every day things that happened to real people. Don't let model agents or photographers put it down, and love who you are. Feel confident and proud and you will have so much less stress, which is something that can age you prematurely but generally make your life as a model miserable.

Modelling is about having a great time, enjoying what you do and celebrating what you have been born with. Love your body and your audience will love it too, it will show through in your smile and it will show through in your photographs, in your modelling campaigns. It will show through in your attitude and shine through when you strut jauntily down the catwalk. If you love your body then the modelling industry will love you back.