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Lingerie modelling

lingerie Modelling

Just like swimsuit modelling, lingerie modelling is for the ultra confident model who has bags of self confidence and the body to fit the attitude. To sell lingerie means you have to also have the ultimate bod - be the envy of the men and women who will want to buy the lingerie you're modelling. They want to have a body like yours, so that they look like you when they wear the lingerie you're modelling - makes sense don't you see?
You are the body and face of a certain look. There will be lots of different types of modelling jobs that will require you to become a character to wear them. It may require you being a sex kitten for the day or a model wearing different types of socks or tights for example. The lingerie could be functional, everyday wear or you may have to wear unsexy clothing such as long john's or Bridget Jones style pants. But it could also be extremely sexy and provocative, leaving not much to the imagination. A lingerie model can't be prudish or at all shy in any way. You have to wear what you're told and when.
Think about the locations too. You may be freezing your butt off in the snow because the casting director thinks it's a quirky fun way to sell skimpy undies! It could be lingerie to feature in a catalogue or a directory, like Next. It could also be for those pamphlets that come through the door with you dressed in the functional thermal underwear of choice. It could be a job that gets your face and body in the lights but it could also kill your dreams stone dead - so choose carefully.
The main thing is you have to be fit - both in looks and in stamina. The days can be seriously long and you have to wear next to nothing most of the day. You can't afford to fill yourself with food or change your shape one jot in that one day - so be aware you may have to starve for a day! No water retention and no extra flab allowed. You have to be toned and usually tanned. Flawless and spot free. It's a tough market and you have to make the grade to be successful at modelling lingerie.

Lingerie modelling is one of the hardest assignments a new or experienced model can have. You stand around wearing next to nothing trying to look gorgeous with hardly any clothes on and sometimes even outside in the rain! It is not for the faint hearted but if you have the right sort of attitude and body you can make a lucrative career out of modelling underwear.

Making lingerie look good is no easy task – you need to be able to wear many different styles of bras and knickers and you need to be the right sort of shape. Ultra skinny models, who are experienced in high fashion and couture are not the right shape for lingerie modelling. This is because you have to have some shape and be able to fill the bra and pants you are modelling. In the clothing industry many ill-fitting clothes are pinned and tucked but with lingerie modelling there is nowhere to hide! you need a bust and a bottom but you also need to be super toned and with a flat tummy.

Michelle Mone, creator of lingerie brand Ultimo “A great lingerie model also has to have excellent presence in front of the camera and bags of body confidence. Stripping down to lingerie isn’t always easy, so it’s essential that any lingerie model feels comfortable in her own skin and can really showcase the lingerie with elegance and poise.”