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How To Break Into the Modelling Industry


how to break into the modelling industryThere are no hard and fast rules and there certainly isn't a right or wrong way to break into the modelling industry. We wish there was a rule book we could give out to each and every one of you aspiring models out there but unfortunately there isn't and each individual's career takes a different winding path. Every journey is different and if you get chance to speak to experienced models and learn how they made their way, then sometimes this advice can be more invaluable than anybody else's. Do your research, we can't stress that enough and our website is full to bursting of all the little tips and tricks a model can learn. The more research you do, the more knowledge you have and the less chance you will get ripped off by unscrupulous scammers, who prey on inexperienced models.

In a very tough economic climate such as we are in at the moment, it's sad to say but a lot of model agencies aren't taking on many new faces at the moment. The best way for any model to tackle this problem is to promote themselves, to effectively become self-employed right from the start and take hold of their own modelling career. This sounds very scary, and it is a little but don't worry with a little help and guidance you will be absolutely fine!

Once you are satisfied you have scoured our site then the next thing to get done as soon as possible is to get some professionally taken modelling shots for your portfolio. Read about our modelling portfolio section. Our partners, La Mode London specialise in modelling portfolios and they have had years of experience watching new models get work because of their portfolios and accompanying websites. A model needs to think long term and it's not just about rushing a few photo shoots and scrabbling together an album and a Z card. The photographs that are put in the portfolio brand a model for life and it is something that needs to be built up over time, changed and perfected with each different modelling job you take. We would never advise a model to spend hundreds of pounds straight away, but to simply get a few shots for Z card, try out gaining work and actually trying to experience life as a model before fully deciding this is something you want to do for a career.

Build up your portfolio with every job you do, that getting a basic one for starters is always the best idea. Next is to get a Z card made - again read up on our section about the different types that are available on the market. This business card for a model is an inexpensive way of showing off a few poses and outfits, different moods and atmospheres that you can create about yourself, but it also lists your vital statistics, which are very important for an agent to know. The Z card works alongside the portfolio and in addition if you can afford to get a website made at the same time, then the three promotional tools set in place.

There are also other ways of self-promotion, such as how to break into the modelling industry online and we have dedicated section just for this.

If you have any questions or need some advice in how to become a model, then please fill out the form on the right of the website page. Advice is free and we have the experts here to help any model live their dream.