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Hand Modelling


hand modelling
Have you ever wondered who models on the telly with their fingers in washing up water, cleaning the kitchen or fashioning the latest moisturiser? It's a hand model that's who. These models have fantastic smooth skin, superb nails and are generally sporting the 'right' shape of the average male or female arm, wrist and fingers. It could be a plus size model or an ugly model who is showing off their fingers. It doesn't matter what everything else looks like,whatever size or shape you are, hand modelling is all about the shoulders down, the arms and the fingers, the hands and the palms. It's a great area to specialise in if your face doesn't fit the brief. 

Hand creams are wanting new models - every week another comes out on the market. Models for this sort of work are in high demand constantly and a model must have nicely shaped hands overall, shapely fingers - slender if possible. Silky smooth and blemish free skin is essential as is perfectly manicured nails. Every flaw will be picked up on under the close scrutiny of the lens and its imperative you have the perfect hand to model in the first place- nothing less will do. Imagine modelling false nails or cuticle cream and all you do is sit back and relax while the director positions your hands in all the right places. It certainly beats the stresses and strains of fashion and catwalk modelling.

A model could be called on to promote lots of different products like jewellery, nail polish, lotion and moisturisers .It's not just a job for women - male models are needed too. A man could be needed to show off a workman's calluses if there's a double needed for TV work maybe. Maybe the look for an office worker is required for a photo shoot to promote a computer, fashion jewellery on the shopping channel, hand lotion for aging skin - the jobs for hand modelling are endless.But there are close up work on TV commercials for workmen's hands, calloused and hard working. How about a cook's hands deftly chopping herbs? All manner of jobs could revolve just around the hand area with nothing else needed from you for now.

Don't forget your arms too. Bracelets need modelling at exhibitions and tradeshows. If our arm is well muscled then you could become a body double for a bodybuilder in a magazine and no one would know the difference! If your face doesn't fit then maybe your wrist and fingers will. Bodybuilder modelling or fitness work could need you. Make it in the magazines using just your arms as modelling material. Consider your calling and see if you have the potential to make your hands and arms famous for a day! - you could always lend a hand!