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Hair Modelling

hair modelling

Hair modelling can be the very first step a model makes to get themselves noticed in the modelling industry. It's also very easy to get into, if you have contacts with your hairdresser and know about the up and coming hair competitions and hair modelling shows.  If you have long lustrous locks and have looked after your hair well, then a hair modelling could get you some professional , high quality digital photographs taken to put in your modelling portfolio.

 Hair models are always in demand - to model shampoos on TV commercials, in fashion shows and at hair exhibitions and tradeshows too. If your hair is your best feature then take advantage, keep it glossy, keep it conditioned and have regular haircuts if you can. Hair modelling could involve modelling styles, styling products or the equipment used. Think about hairdryers, curling tongues, hair straighteners, clips and accessories. There are companies out there who need the models to get their products sold.

Are you willing to have your hair cut, styled, coloured or permed? For a photo shoot this needs to happen anyway in most cases, so it's great practice to get into the hair dressing groove. More often than not, in a hair show, you will get yours done for free. If you have longer hair then this will work better but both male and female models are needed all the time.  

If you have attitude then this will work well for you to show off your hair on the run way, so show off in your interview and hair modelling applications. Your close up shots in the photo shoots could stand you in good stead to gain more hair modelling work  - that's for sure.