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Glamour Modelling

Glamour Modelling
To be seen as sexy and glamorous is surely every model's dream. It's an alluring concept and a very powerful tool to have if you've got what it takes. Glamour models sell men's magazines and can be very tasteful if done properly. It depends on your outlook and the standard of your principals how far you want to go with the look the photographer wants you to create.

The term glamour modelling doesn't always mean to be semi nude but can be an image that's still sexy, with the model being fully clothed, but rest assured it should be a shoot that stops short of deliberately arousing the viewer.

To become a calendar girl or a pin up is a true love for some. With Marylyn Monroe and Betty Grable being the first iconic stunning curvy female - just think of their name still remembered, their legends still living on. The glamourous model could be in danger of being type cast but think of the variety of career moves Katie Price has undertaken in her young life. And think of her bank balance! She got it all with her glamourous modelling that's for sure.

It's a career that would certainly get you revered and famous, immortalised and fantasised over. Glamour models are for the lady who likes to bewitch and fascinate, to be alluring and to be strong - a leader of the pack with the guts to push herself to the front. If you've got what it takes and you have the body to fit the attitude - you'll go far indeed in the glamorous world of modelling

Glamour modelling is one of the only kinds of model jobs that isn't used to promote a product or service. The main aim of glamour models is to advertise the model herself and sell the sexualised images that she creates. Glamour Modelling does not have the same demands as Catwalk and Fashion work, with the lack of height requirements being a great selling point to those looking at the glamour industry. Models still need to have good skin, teeth and hair and are often 'persuaded' to increase their breast size artificially, although it is not demanded. Many woman will increase their breast size believing that this will enhance their career, but this is not always the case. A Glamour Model must also have a fun personality and be very outgoing, as the type of work involved requires someone with a high degree of confidence.

For Glamour Modelling it is best to work with a
model agency, preferably one that has experience in glamour modelling, as the agent will ensure that your safety is maintained and that the client is a reputable one. An agent will also support you in your decisions and will not ask you to do shoots that you do not want to do or feel uncomfortable about doing. There are different types of Glamour Modelling that involve the models wearing a different amount of clothes, from bikini and lingerie shot to topless and nube poses. There are opportunities in all of these fields and many photographers that specialise in each area.