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Freelance Modelling

Freelance Modelling

Freelance modelling is for the entrepreneurial person, the model with the get up and go to get themselves the work they want. It's not for the feint hearted and it's not for the lazy. To embark on a freelance modelling career is to take the bull by the horns and lead your own dance. You need to be organised and you need to be quick off the mark. You need to be on top of your game at all times. If you are totally new to modelling, then this may be an avenue you shouldn't be going down at first. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, what the work involves ,arranging it yourself is a big responsibility, and could be potentially dangerous if you haven't explored the dangers first. A model agent will have experience in the industry , will know the type of work instinctively which is right for you and which isn't. Not all modelling jobs will suit your look or your style and you need to do a lot of background research to find out the pros and cons before you present yourself. To gain experience at being a model is all part of the fun, and of course you will learn from your mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes can be very costly if you don't know what you are doing. Having said all that, perhaps you have experience in a previous job of selling for example, are a totally confident person and knok the ins and outs of business . If so, then we applaud you, and it is people like you, as long as you have the looks to back you up, who will be successful going alone.

Freelance models need to take it seriously as it  is very hard work but if you can find your own jobs you won't have to pay that commission to a modelling agency that the others do. The spoils are yours and the satisfaction is totally unique. It's a great feeling to have set yourself up with and completed a job, that you found in the first place. It is also very rewarding to be able to pocket most of the cash instead of giving it away in the form of commission. It is the best feeling in the world and you know, then, that you have made it. To be able to control your own work schedule, pick and choose the modelling jobs you want to do and discard the ones you don't, there is no better way to earn a living and congratulations, you are successfully self employed!

The Internet is a wonderful thing - make use of the social networking sites to market yourself. But you must be organised and business like minded, make appointments and stick to them; Maintain your list of contacts and keep in contact with Photographers. There are no constraints in being a Freelance Model – age weight and height are your own choice but it will limit the jobs available to you. Always keep researching, scan all our pages for all the up-to-date model information, and always be on your toes, at the top of your game.

Be cautious to embarking on being a freelance model, of course, check credentials and references. When ever you get a modelling job , it is up to you to know the legalities behind it and if it is legitimate or not . Normally a model agent would have checked all this out on your behalf, but you have decided to go alone. Read through our Safety Tips for a start but contact us if you’re unsure to check out the small print. Never go alone - there are many people who prey on the naive. Ring or fill out the form and we can help you on your way. It’s what we’re here for, what we’re good at. We can take the stress and strain out of starting down the Modelling path, so do it now. Get in touch and start a new life with UK
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