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Foot Modelling


foot model
Have you got nice pins and lovely looking feet? Have you shapely toes, well manicured toe nails - good heels and smooth undersoles? It's something to consider as an extra for your modelling portfolio, but also something to add to the impressive CV we have no doubt you have managed to create. there are all sorts of stunningly beautiful models, but not all of them have nice feet to be able to show them off in isolation, and top up the modelling jobs in your working week. Feet models are always wanted to show off footwear- obviously! But foot models are also wanted to show off bare feet in TV commercials, on film sets or in the theatre. Could you be a double for an actor or actress do you think?

The close up work of your feet could mean having your foot immortalized in magazines or books - modeling nail varnish is the pretty side of this sort of work, but there are those adverts for varrucca and athlete's foot to consider! They all need a good example to put the make up on and transform your foot into one with a disease if you fancy it! It's certainly something to consider. If you have been told you have beautiful feet because, let's face it not everybody does! . If you have then you are extremely lucky because it is not quite so much of a  competitive industry like catwalk and runway work for example, where there are lots of beautiful people all trying to get the same job. there aren't that many for models around so if you can make it as one then you have something over the rest of your model peers.

For those who have good feet there are jobs modelling shoes and sandals. Male and female models  are always wanted for ad campaigns. You need flawless skin  - a healthy looking turned out foot is a must. Your foot must be immaculate, with no hard skin or any blemishes of any kind.

The leg is also something to consider. Have you got shapely legs that could stand scrutiny under a camera lens? legs are included within the foot modelling sector and if you have legs to boast about then seriously consider giving for modelling a go why don't you?
Leg models could be asked to model the latest in razors, moisturisers, fake tan and more. Maybe it's a job for modelling tights or stockings - socks need models too. There are boots to be modelled and it could mean you're literally on your feet all day in exhibition or promotional work. It's certainly a modelling job to consider we're sure you'll agree - but you need to have right look, the right legs and also the right feet!