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Fitness Modelling

fitness modelling

To be a fitness model means you have to be at the peak of your health and at the top of your fit levels. You will need to have a fit, firm and healthy body and be able to promote a healthy lifestyle. A fitness model needs to be glowing, with great skin and glossy hair. Looking at you should make others want to be like you, make us want to tone up and become just as fit and healthy as you look.It is your job to look the best you can be and to make those looking at you, whether you are on a leaflet or actively taking part in a demonstration at a trade show, wish they were as fit and healthy as you. You have to make an envious and want to trim up and tone so they can emulate your style and your image.

The jobs available could be promoting a gym near you- perhaps you're already a member? It could mean modelling the latest tracksuits or the next generation of trainers. Perhaps you could demonstrate gym equipment in a trade show or exhibition or jog around the countryside in a TV commercial maybe? In today's busy world of fitness fanatics, it's an up and coming trend to be so fit and healthy and this modelling genre is always crying out for healthy bods.The knack is to try and get the balance between looking fit and not overly muscled, to be able to look well toned and trim but not too skinny and not to muscly. You need to look like what the average person can aspire to be. Not to be a superhuman, which is an impossible feat for most of the general public buying the product that you are no doubt modelling to perfection.

Have you thought about swimwear modelling or even bodybuilding if you have the muscle to back you up? It's an ever growing market as the general public want to diet and get fit. Modelling is an enviable thing to do. If you've got the health and you've got the right look ,you'll be able to be the first to the finishing post.Catalogue modelling is also an option, to fit in with the department in a brochure perhaps, which sells tracksuits for the unprofessional personal trainers, the real people out there who would like to give fitness modelling a go themselves, to simply get fit is the goal for most people, but not always attainable.
 Have your face and fit body seen in photographic shoots for the lifestyle magazines -Men's Health perhaps? There are always new products to try out and magazines and editorial modelling is another track to race on. There are all those healthy yoghurts that need a face and healthy body to promote. In fact just about anything that claims it's healthy usually needs a fitness model to sell it - so think about it do if you're a healthy human and a fitness fanatic.