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Fashion Stylists in the Modelling Industry


fashion stylist
Fashion stylists in the modelling industry have a really fantastic time. Its a job to be in the cutting edge of the model industry, where speed, glitz and glamour rule the roost. if you want to be in a high powered, fast-moving and speedy paced world, then the fashion industry is certainly the place for you. Work amongst celebrities and famous fashion models or simply transform the look of the aspiring model for the first time and watch the virgins visage come alight with a life all because of you. A fashion stylist's job is to make models look good - as simple that may sound, there's certainly a lot more to it than that. Along with make up artists, hair stylists and set designers it's your job to put the outfits together, to select the necessary accessories - easy for us to say!

You need to breathe life the photographer's or casting director's vision. Fashion stylists usually work in photo shoots but they can also be required for commercial modelling, TV works, movie sets, and maybe even music videos . A fashion stylist will invent the look and bring it altogether for the photo to take place - then it will be all change and it's up to you to have the next outfit at the ready - or else.You get to work with the best, and transform a plain Jane into Marilyn Munro for the day if that's the brief.

Stylists project their own personality into a photo shoot but its much more important for you to bring out the personality of the actor or model you're styling. This has to be done through your choice of clothes but possibly you'll have to make the model look good in the clothes that have already been picked out and decided - so it's out of your control but you have to go with the flow no matter what. Be flexible and you'll be ok. Nip and tuck and create the perfect look, change an outfit to fit an individual, often altering sizes as you go along, but this is easy, peasy for a person just like you.

Its up to you to make the first impression and boost the model's self-confidence by helping them in and out of their clothes. Not only that but you could have the responsibility in the first place to find and meet with the retailers, select the outfits and choose the theme. Hire, beg, borrow and steal- purchase props and conceptualise the end scene. Keep up to date with all the latest trends and you'll do no wrong - a fashion stylist is essential to a modelling photo shoot and what's more - it's a whole lot of fun! Once the fashion blog and the modelling world has bitten you it will be hard to do anything else we guarantee.