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Fashion Modelling


fashion modelling

Fashion modelling is the place to be if you want to be at the cutting edge of modelling. It doesn't necessarily mean it's all about the catwalk - it could be modelling fashion at exhibitions, catalogue  or modelling clothes in an editorial spread. You wouldn't be alone! It's the most competitive part of the industry. As a model, not only would you be able to wear all the latest trends and be ahead of the game and in front of your peers, but you'd be at the forefront of the model world. It is absolutely essential low that you fit the bill for the type of fashion modelling job that is advertised. There will be lots like you out there who could walk into this type of work so much easier than you if you are not in the peak physical condition or have and looked after yourself as well as you could.

As a fashion model you get to see the glitzy and glamorous world of the industry and you could be promoting not only clothing, but maybe sporting the latest fitness outfits, maybe showing off new accessories to a buyer maybe - strutting your stuff on the catwalks in London or seeing your face in newspapers and magazines if you make it big.

You could pick and choose when work is all around you, maybe specialize in a certain area such as advertising, runway and catwalk or maybe be seen in TV commercials, billboards, on buses or even on the side of a building! You could be chosen by a designer to be their exclusive model for a certain brand or new style of clothing. Have you thought about modelling at a trade show or exhibition maybe? You could also demonstrate non-fashion items at product launches, but you'd need to be dressed in the up to the minute clothes and style. But we know that's no bad thing - it's surely every fashion model's dream?

You would saunter down the catwalk, displaying clothes in front of an appreciative audience. You could work within a studio or go out on exciting locations. How about doing some acting and delivering lines from a script? The possibilities for fashion models are endless and it's up to you to pitch your pose just right. If you are determined then go for it, take your chances now, and push yourself to the front of the queue for fashion modelling today. It may be something you have thought about for a long time, well now is the chance to do it, you're not getting any younger after all!