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Facial Modelling


Facial Modelling is what it says on the can - it's still all about modelling but its modelling with your face! If you have good teeth, flawless skin or unusual eyes, a prominent nose maybe - something that could distinguish you from the rest, then consider a career in facial modelling. It doesn't really matter what size or shape your body is, your face could earn you the megabucks for sure. It's not always all about your actual face, think about models in catalogues who wear hats or hair accessories. a facial model will have been needed to carry out this sort of work.

Model agents get requests for models to promote toothpaste, breath fresheners, and moisturisers or make up - there is an endless supply of products used on and around the face, head and neck area which all need a model to help sell it to the public. You could be seen behind a face pack maybe, or on a teen model advert for spot cream. Your face will be what sells you and ultimately it's the main part of the body that gets remembered in the industry. Bodies change size and are past forgotten. People always remember a face. For this type of work you certainly need to have flawless skin and perfect teeth so only apply if you fit the bill.

Facial modelling could focus on certain parts of your face with nothing else made famous. It could be that the eyes have it, a new type of mascara needs your eyes to sell it or eye drops maybe. All sorts of make up and cosmetics companies need a certain face, a face who look good without make up in the first place to show off their product to destraction. It could be for a TV advert for jewellery, featuring your ear lobes or your neck. It could mean you could be modelling a new pair of sunglasses or coloured contact lenses.ordinarily eye glasses shown off by you and promoting Spec Savers, for example, or an optician needing a face to promote their services.

Is your nose photogenic - your ears a good shape? Are your eyebrows particularly plucked? What about lipstick - think of all the models who have luscious lips and have made their fortune. If this has got you thinking then tell your model agent you're interested. It could be another string to your bow and why not? Use all your body parts we say. The face models are always needed in the industry and means the possibilities are endless for you. A face is certainly remembered very well, especially if you make it onto the television screen. If you think you would like to take up this sort of work then have a chat with your model agency and push your face forward!