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Exhibition and Promotional Modelling


To be successful in the world of exhibition and promotional modelling is so much easier to achieve than with fashion and catwalk work. There simply aren't the stresses and strains placed on models in this area - which is very good news if you don't fit the modelling stereotype. A model doesn't necessarily have to be tall and thin, or classically beautiful either. It's just your job to look as good as you can be. You don't have to be a certain height or weight - anything goes, although it certainly would aid you if you were the typical catwalk height to access more work. There are so many different modelling jobs around that you are sure to find something to suit your style and your particular look.
With exhibition and promotional work it could mean you're on your feet for the day, looking the best you can be and handing out flyers to potential customers maybe. You could find yourself in a hot exhibition hall along with lots like you, pushing the sales of a company's product. Perhaps lounging around in swimwear at a surfing promotion or fashioning the latest in winter woollies could be your brief. The jobs will be diverse and different - certainly a very exciting and memorable experience that's for sure.No two jobs are usually the same and it's a great way to mix with more people.
For a model it would mean travelling, which for some is what it's all about. It could get you all over the country if you make a name for yourself in this department, but it could also mean you can travel all over the world with the same company, if you have the inclination. Your name and face attached to a product is a very lucrative way to earn your living.There are so many businesses who have work available throughout the world so why not think about spreading your wings and taking off somewhere new? 
Improve your social network and model with others. Many promotional work involves working with other models and fast friendships are bound to be made. It's good to work alone but sometimes it's nice to work with your peers  - so you could have the best of both worlds if you like. Modelling can sometimes be quite lonely even though you are surrounded by lots of people. There could be lots of stylists beavering away and getting to work on your style but you feel like you're all alone. Promotional work would definitely mean getting mixing with a different crowd, and maybe working with quite a few different models on the same set. Let your model agency know if you are interested in this type of work and see what you think - you never know you may like it!