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Editorial Modelling

Editorial Modelling

To tell a story with a model's face or pose is a beautiful thing. It's so much more than a snapshot in time, a click of the camera. It's a staged piece of the theatre, a drama unfolding before our eyes. It's for a purpose and for a specific reader - it's to make the viewer think and to reflect on the article they're reading - to create a feeling that's emotive, to sell products with a tableau temptation. This is what Editorial Modelling is all about.

Your face and pose could sell magazines but the aim is to promote an end product with a tale to tell, beauty that has depth and is more than skin deep. You could have jobs stacking up if you have the ability to portray a scene or a performance perfectly. Show off your brains and your actions by becoming who they want you to be. The photographer is in charge but the props, the director and the lighting will help dramatically in your success.

If there's a script then it's your job to recite and to perform it to the letter. Being an editorial Model is not easy and it may not suit all but it's a chance to stand out and to excel in a demanding model world. It's an arena and a stage and the next best thing to showing off! A model doesn't only have to look beautiful but they have to show some emotion, show something of themselves. Beauty can come from within and if you have the ability to shine through the facade of simply posing and bring more to a job than just wearing clothes - then editorial modelling could be just right for you.

Have you ever thought about being more than a mannequin, a faceless model who struts down the catwalk with the rest? Editorial modelling is about you and focuses on you alone. Yes, you may well be part of a scene with others but it's your chance to shine and to show off your acting skills. After all, a huge part of modelling is to act a part and play a character. This type of work will only enhance your profile and make you stick out from the crowd. A reader stays on a page much longer than a buyer looks at a quick dash down the catwalk. A reader will relate your face to the article they are reading. You will be remembered and you will have your name remembered too. It's an image enduring and a look that won't go away any time soon.

Editorial Modelling is seen as one of the most glamorous jobs, along side Catwalk and Fashion jobs, thanks to the fact the models are displaying some of the most exclusive and high fashion items. Editorial Modelling also provides excellent exposure for the models as this kind of work is not limited to just magazines, as images from these shoots can become part of a national advertising campaign or promotion of a particular design collection. The magazines that are world famous for their fashion include Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Cosmo that focus on fashion with a large amount of pages they must fill each month with a range of fashions. Many of these editorial pages feature models wearing what the magazine thinks will be the next trend in fashion. Editorial Modelling is not as high earning as Catwalk and Fashion work but pays for itself in the level of exposure. Editorial Modelling also has a greater degree of freedom, allowing the creatives and photographers to create a visually stunning and extreme shot. One of the high points of Editorial work is being a cover model for an issue of one of the high fashion magazines due to the national coverage and exposure this results in.

Editorial Modelling involves all aspects of fashion and offer great variety for the model. Fashion editorial modelling a photo shoot specifically for a magazine feature, or to promote the work of a particular designer. These shoots are professional and will usually include a hair stylist, make-up artist and dresser as well as the photographer and their assistants, and the art director for the feature, or sometimes the designers themselves. Editorial Model jobs often involved the promotion of predetermined outfits so a model will often not be required by bring any of her own items. If the Editorial Modelling work is based on accessories then the model may need to supply their own clothes. Unlike runway work, fashion editorial models don't need to meet strict height requirements, although they will still need to be the required dress size and have good skin, teeth and hair.