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Drug Abuse In Teen Models

The pressures of modelling can be hard at any age, but particularly stressful for teen models trying to balance modelling with schoolwork, for example. Some teen models suffer really badly with some form of addiction, trying to keep up with their peers, to look cool in front of their friends, but generally to try and 'fit in'. It's hard enough for a teenager who doesn't model to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression, but some turn to other substances to help them out.

It's your job as a parent to recognise the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and addiction, and seek treatment for drug addiction if you can. We have lots of pages dedicated to drug abuse and it may be worth reading up about them to allay your fears and to hopefully give you guidance and advice in how to deal with stress. drug abuse and teen models

The life of a teen model can be very pressurised and half of the job as they get older is socialising and being around others who may possibly smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs. Some models are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without experiencing negative consequences but for others, substance abuse can cause big problems in a teen model's life. It can cause major setbacks in their educational development, upset their home life and relationships with you and other members of the family but it needs to be noted, a teen model who is struggling with drug addiction, is feeling isolated, helpless, and often very ashamed and it's getting to the root of the problem, which is so important. This is when you can really help them out.

Dealing with modelling, and the constant threat of rejection, can lead to stress related illnesses such as depression or anxiety and models will take drugs to combat these effects if they are hanging around with the wrong crowd. For example, it's harder to detect drug abuse while they are at school, but thankfully, because of the child licensing laws, it is a parent's job to ensure they give their teen model adequate support, accompanying them to modelling jobs, and keeping a close eye on their whereabouts at all times.

Some drug users become addicted and some don't, and there are various reasons why this happens. Perhaps someone in your family or you yourself abuse alcohol or drugs? This is a hard thing to confront, but you are setting an example for your child after all, and if they think you will find it acceptable, then they will find it acceptable too.

If your teen model is using drugs to cope with the pressures of modelling then perhaps now is the time to step in and gently sway your teen model away from modelling for a little while. There is no shame in admitting that the pressure is getting too much, and an education is important, even though your teen model may be adamant they want to take up modelling as a career. If they have the looks and the stamina, and the right attitude and personality, they can pick up modelling again at any time in their life. If you're worried that your teen model is addicted to drugs, then why not talk to your GP about it and get some professional help?