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Difference Between Casting Calls And Open Calls


casting callsThere is a big difference between casting calls and open calls - but there are also some similarities too. With either, you will be competing with hundreds or sometimes even thousands of other models, just like you. You will never be guaranteed to get work and sometimes, in an open call situation, you may not even be guaranteed to be seen in the first place. They are both a chance to try and get a modelling job, competing against others just like you.
It's a great chance to make new friends, but also make new enemies if you are seen to jump the queue, so be polite and courteous to your fellow models. It's also a great way to hear of any other modelling jobs through word of mouth, to discuss different agencies and try and get some inside information. Everyone else who is at the casting call or open call is in exactly the same position as you, and as modelling can sometimes be quite lonely, it's a great chance to mingle and network.
With casting calls you usually wait no more than an hour to be seen, with a pre-arranged appointment by your model agency. With open calls, you can wait for hours and hours and hours, and never even get seen.
If you are signed to a model agency, it is quite rare that you will be asked to go to an open call or less you see one out yourself. If you are freelance, then open calls are usually the only the option for you, as getting into a casting call without an agent is very hard to do.casting call
The waiting rooms are generally quite small, or it could be that you are even waiting outside on the street, particularly in an open call situation. Casting calls are generally a lot more organised, and smaller groups of models will be seen as a lot will have already been siphoned out through the modelling portfolio viewing. With a casting call, at least you stand a chance, as you have been picked from hundreds and asked to attend - you are already halfway there by just having the look that is required.
With a casting call, you generally get more time to be seen, and are guaranteed to be seen. There is not as much waiting around as there is with an open call. With an open call, if you are lucky enough to be seen in the first place, the auditions are generally very rushed and can sometimes finish before you have even finished your posing.
With casting calls, you could get a second chance if you screw up your modelling audition. With an open call, there are no second chances - if you mess up, then that's it so make sure you rehearse at home and always be prepared.